360 video recording for virtual reality headset

360 video development for Oculus Rift | Cardboard | Samsung Gear VR | Mobile


At TwoReality we work on conceptualising, creating and developing 360° videos for virtual goggles and mobiles, adapting the content as much as possible to each client’s needs and aims.

We will choose the best technology for each of the virtual goggles that Two Reality can offer for your 360° video, including amog these: Oculus Rift , Google Cardboard , Samsung Gear VR and Durovis Dive .

Offer your clients experiences in a totally immersive context thanks to VR videos and to Virtual Reality, which allows you to cause a greater impact in your presentations, events and congresses.

If one image reveals more than a thousand words, an inner and first-person experience has no comparison.

Development and production of 360 vr videos for agencies and companies

A 360° video consists of capturing a real scene with the action of the camera, which performs in all directions at once.

The recorded video can be played back through the virtual goggles, and it is possible to control the direction of sight with the movements and rotation of the user’s head.

At Two Reality we are technically adept at producing all the phases needed to create a high quality spherical video: from the preparation of the set to the video shooting; from editing to the app integration.


We prepare and coordinate all the necessary phases in the set to achieve the requested goals.


We prepare all the technical material necessary to make the recordings, thanks to our highly qualified staff


The image sequence recorded by our 360° camera is edited, linked, processed and encoded using a specialised software. This results in a single spherical sequence that is integrated with the data coming from the GPS and, therefore, we achieve the appropriate result requested.


The video sequence resulting from this process integrates the images, audio and controls with all the data used to generate a virtual experience.

*We select the best virtual goggles technology available for each project. In fact we can develop your own Virtual Reality app for Microsoft, HTC HoloLens Vive, Oculus Rift, Epson Moverio, Samsung gear VR, Durovis Dive and Cardboard.

video 360 realidad virtual


Our creative process shapes your goals into an app, video game or immersive reality, offering the best solution tailored to cause a major impact on your target audience.


If you are interested in developing apps for Oculus Rift, Samsung gear or HTC Vive, TwoReality is your ideal partner for custom software development based on your goals and budget.


If your content strategy requires both planning and different contents, Two Reality will help you update these contents and features to adapt them to your strategy in order for you to keep surprising.


TwoReality offers you a support service for all your needs with Oculus Rift, Samsung gear or HTC Vive, whether it is an event, trade fair or presentation. This way, you only have to take care of your customers.


360° photos give a more complete insight of a particular business, thus getting your customers more involved and offer them a comprehensive experience while keeping production costs down.
Below, you can view some 360° images captured with our spherical cameras. The result is most shocking. In fact, these images give any environment a high degree of interaction and immersion, and the level of participation increases thanks to the use of virtual reality goggles.

If eyes are the mirror of our soul, a good image is then also the mirror of any business. Corporate image represents the visual aspect with which we want to reach our customers, as well as our personality as a company and as entrepreneurs.

We processed the images in 360° degrees with our immersive camera and the result is impressive. The interaction and immersion produced by the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality goggles are unbelievable. It is an experience that everyone should be able to enjoy.

If you are interested in developing applications for virtual reality headset please contact us