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Virtual reality, by definition, simulates effective reality. The evolution of the information technology has made possible the navigation of PHOTOREALISTIC settings in real time, as well as the interaction with the objects included in these atmospheres.

At TwoReality we design and produce applications for virtual headsets, mobile devices and augmented reality for companies and events; developing digital contents to adapt them to the devices that we want to use. In each project we select the best technology available for virtual headsets and implement your virtual reality app for Microsoft HoloLens, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and Cardboard.

Also, we develop the digital contents that will be displayed in: Videos in 360 ° and 3D models in 360 °. Development of technology and augmented virtual to your needs.

TwoReality, your virtual reality company

The agency and producer of Virtual and Augmented Reality TwoReality brings together different professional profiles; 3D modelers, animators, engineers and photographers. A multidisciplinary team works on the basis of strategy and objectives in each of the VR and AR projects of our clients..

TwoReality was founded in 2010 to help companies create shares in VR. We have built a portfolio of recognized experiences of virtual reality thanks to a team at the forefront of the production of high quality content.


  • Objective

    Connect people with real life experiences through our production company and promote the creative and commercial growth of this industry.

    TwoReality strives to develop virtual experiences that provide a “on-site” feeling. The “on-site” sensation occurs when a user is immersed and lost in the virtual world.

    You forget that what you are seeing is not real, being immersed and captivated by the reality it simulates. TwoReality, unlike other experiences, manages to immerse the user creating a true experience of virtual reality through the development of VR applications for virtual headsets.

    So we know for sure that virtual reality for events and businesses is needed.

  • Experience

    The Two reality immersive virtual reality agency brings together experts in photography/ 3D animations, interface design, CGI and VR user experience. Our team is committed to performing only high quality VR experiences.

    As development experts of virtual augmented reality of applications for Oculus Rift and different models of virtual headsets, we show the enormous potential of the emerging industry of this technology.

3D Experiences – VR

Modeling and Animation 360°, Virtual Tour

Simulations for companies

and Didactic Training

Interactive applications

Interactive Content and Software

Recording 360°

Vídeo, Photo and Aerial Recordings


Team Building and Streaming 360°

Rent and sale for Events

Virtual headsets for business

Virtual reality videos 360°


Spain – Colombia – México – Chile 

Barcelona – Madrid – Tenerife – Bogotá – Ciudad de México – Santiago de Chile

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