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TwoReality is a virtual reality company that designs and produces applications for virtual glasses, mobile devices and augmented reality for companies and virtual reality events. Developing digital contents to adapt them to the devices we want to use. In each project we select the best available technology for virtual glasses and implement your virtual realism app for Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, Microsoft HoloLens, HTC Vive and Cardboard. Virtual reality, by definition, simulates actual reality. The evolution of computer technologies has made it possible to navigate photorealistic environments in real time, as well as to interact with the objects included in these environments. We also develop for companies the digital contents to be visualized in: 360° videos and 360° 3D modeling. Development of virtual and augmented technology tailored to your company.

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TwoReality was founded in 2010 to help companies create VR actions. As a Virtual and Augmented Reality company TwoReality brings together different professional profiles: Engineers, 3D Modelers, Video Maker and Photographers, a multidisciplinary team works based on the strategy and objectives in each of the VR and AR projects of our clients. We have built a portfolio of renowned virtual realism experiences thanks to a team at the forefront of high quality content production. If you have an action in mind and you are looking for a company specialized in augmented and virtual reality, please contact us.

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We develop virtual experiences that provide a “face-to-face” feeling. The “face-to-face” feeling occurs when a user is immersed and lost in the virtual world. He forgets that what he is seeing is not real, becoming immersed and captivated by the realism it provokes. TwoReality manages to immerse the user by creating a true virtual realism experience through the development of VR applications for virtual glasses. If you have an action in mind and you are looking for a company specialized in augmented and virtual reality, please contact us.

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FAQs on Virtual and Augmented Reality

  • Virtual reality is a technology that immerses users safely and in less time in a fully digital environment through a pair of glasses or a screen that surrounds the person. This environment can be computer generated or recorded from the physical world.
  • It creates a moment of emotion that strengthens the experience. Removes physical limitations. It brings people closer together. It allows sharing digital materials in different ways. It allows to simulate spaces, components, products, situations without traditional logistics.
  • Augmented reality is a technology that presents information or digital objects flat or as 3D objects in the physical world through a mobile device or AR glasses.
  • Streamlines training. Improves the trainee’s confidence. Increases focus and relational intelligence. Optimizes the trainer’s time. Reduces training space and logistics costs. It is portable and works everywhere. Avoids machinery stoppage. Improve organizational culture. Conveniently delivers key information. Displays “invisible” internal components on walls or machines. Allows you to work hands-free. Displays e-commerce objects in the space where they will be used.
  • Mixed reality is a technology that is associated with augmented reality and allows interaction with the IoT (Internet of Things) sensors of a machine or vehicle using an application on a mobile device connected via Bluetooth.
  • It is used to display the internal contents of a machine, display a virtual control panel and manage its measurements, adjust its sensors and determine a correction or maintenance action plan.

Saves time. Reduce costs. Reduce distractions. It allows to train apprentices in record time. It allows the deployment of cultural transformation processes. It helps to similar projects, plans, structures, products or processes without implementing them in reality.

They are very diverse: it can improve logistics operations, manufacturing operations, sales processes, development of educational material, training, remote work by seeing what the operator has in front of him and acting on the machines, it can strengthen marketing campaigns by adding specific actions to captivate the user with the surprise factor, it can make cultural transformation, it helps to create diversity and inclusion.

All of them. There are no market verticals or user segments that are excluded from these advantages. Many of these solutions can be accessed with a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone and also with low-cost virtual reality goggles.

They are digital content and application development agencies that work on demand, making products tailored to the user and some of them focus on a specific niche creating generic material for companies in specific sectors. They are always staffed with creative personnel, 3D designers and modelers, film and sound experts and also software programmers, all led by project managers.

We have experience in VR and AR since 2010, making content and products for more than 70 transnational, national, Asian and Hispanic-American companies, with more than 100 finished projects and 3 awards for innovation and quality.

It is relative to the desired content and approach to reality. A project is estimated in the amount of code to be developed, the amount and quality of 3D modeling, the amount of user interactions with the virtual scenario, etc.

  • It serves to develop soft skills, such as communication, customer service, teamwork, empathy, problem solving, creativity, phobia management treatments.
  • It accelerates the inclusion of everyone in society and increases the percentage of diversity.
  • Organizational culture is strengthened and so is empathy by playing a role outside one’s own, virtually putting oneself in the shoes of others, which reduces bias.
  • Today they are understood as aspects of Extended Reality and Spatial Computing.
  • Both are developed thanks to technology, however, Virtual Reality is developed entirely in a computer-designed environment and Augmented Reality combines computer-designed elements “projected” in the real environment using the screen of a mobile device.

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