The virtual reality revolution in "high street shopping"

The way in which fashion is presented is usually very innovative and creative, while the sales process always turns out the same: You go to a store, you choose a couple of clothes, you try them on and then you pay for those that you decide to take home.
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Casey Neistat, Samsung Gear 360 and the world's largest drone

Within all of us there is an adventurer who would not hesitate to take dangers and embark on fantastic adventures that would make you feel alive and full of adrenaline, but if you have a busy schedule and simply cannot leave your home or office, you can always live indirectly. the adventure experience through Casey Neistat. This 35-year-old filmmaker and youtuber resides in New York City and with his videos reminds us of how fun life can be for those who go out into the world.
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Live your wedding in Virtual Reality

Today, thanks to technological advancement, being able to capture every angle of your wedding moment is now within your reach.

For most couples, their wedding day is one of the most important times in their lives, and therefore having every second and shot on file is a critical part of ceremony planning.

This is possible due to 360 degree wedding videos, which have been seen more and more through social networks, where people publish the images of their marriage.

This technological modality has become increasingly attractive to the public as it is not something that has been observed previously.

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How to create 360 ​​degree videos for YouTube

How to create 360 videos degrees for YouTube is one of the questions you ask us the most since the video platform announced the compatibility with this type of format. In this post we are going to give you a series of indications and tips to get to your first 360 videos for your company or event.

Currently there are cameras are compatible with Youtube and IC Real Tech Allie, Ricoh Theta and the Kodak SP360. These models are not bad at all and it is only the beginning, since it is expected that many technological manufacturers will join the bandwagon of the development of this type of 360º cameras during this 2016. In addition we intuit that all of them will also be compatible with the software Kolor Autopano to edit the videos.

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Interview in El Diario - 360º Videos

A 360º video is made up of a real scene that is filmed in all directions and at the same time, and that allows the viewer to see on their computer, or through Google Cardboards, everything that happens around. To this new format of more real experiences brands such as Coke celebrating 100 years of bottle design, or Nike. Such is the welcome and success that, for a few months, 360º videos can already be viewed on YouTube, available with or without Google Cardboards. According to Google, in the future this format may be used for purchases or as a method to follow events that require a broader view from viewers.

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360 videos. The point of view you choose

360º videos is the content that is starting to generate maximum viralization. The reason is obvious, until now only large productions used it, but the main reason is that to date there has not been an equally impressive way of reproducing such content. Yes now; virtual glasses.

A 360º video, also known as immersive or spherical video, is achieved by recording a real scene at 360 degrees. Once we reproduce it in virtual glasses (Oculus Rift, Cardboard, etc.) The result is a content capable of offering the user the experience of living all the video in first person, from within the scene and controlling the direction of the camera and its speed. Any point of view is within the viewer's reach and becomes an active part since he will choose which direction he wants the video to take.

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