360 videos. You choose the point of view

360º videos are the content that is beginning to generate maximum viralization. The reason is obvious, until now only large productions used it, but the main reason is that until now there was no equally impactful way to reproduce such content. Now yes; the virtual glasses.

A 360º video, also known as immersive or spherical video, is achieved by recording a real scene at 360 degrees. Once we play it back on the virtual glasses(Oculus Rift, CardboardThe result is a content capable of offering the user the experience of living the whole video in first person, from inside the scene and controlling the direction of the camera and its speed. Any point of view is available to the viewer and he becomes an active part of the video, since he will choose the direction he wants the video to take.

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Interview in El Diario – Vídeos 360º

A 360º video consists of a real scene that is recorded in all directions and at the same time, and allows the viewer to see on his computer, or through the Google Cardboard, everything that happens around. Brands such as Coca-Cola, celebrating 100 years of bottle design, or Nike have already joined this new format of more real experiences. Such is the reception and success that, since a few months ago, 360º videos can already be viewed on Youtube, available with or without Google Cardboard. According to Google, in the future this format could be used for shopping or as a method to follow events that require a wider view by viewers.

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How to create 360 degree videos for Youtube

How to create 360-degree videos for YouTube is one of the questions we get asked the most since the video platform announced support for this type of format. In this post we are going to give you a series of indications and tips to get your first 360 videos for your company or event.

Currently there are cameras that are compatible with Youtube such as the IC Real Tech Allie, Ricoh Theta and the Kodak SP360. These models are not bad at all and it is just the beginning, as many technology manufacturers are expected to join the bandwagon of the development of this type of 360º cameras during this 2016. We also sense that all of them will also be compatible with the Kolor Autopano software for video editing.

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