Development of 3D experiences

3D Experiences for Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Glasses

We produce high quality 360° virtual tours and all the necessary content to enrich the images with conceptual 3D infographics.

We rebuild existing spaces, in the projection phase or still under construction for virtual tours or experiences for VR glasses.

In addition, we perform 3D experiences and environmental reconnaissance of existing spaces through special cameras equipped with depth sensors, and then proceed to the superimposition of virtual architectural elements that enhance the presentation.

We carry out any project with 3D Low Poly or High Poly modeling for virtual reality glasses or mobile devices, such as smartphone or tablet.

We create 3D experiences with real-time rendering or 360 rendered animations with our Render Farm.

Once the 3D content has been created, we can add different interactions so that the user can interact with all the elements present in the virtual experience.

From classic renderings to polygon optimization for Augmented, Immersive and Virtual Reality.

We have the technical capacity to develop high quality photorealistic renderings and the necessary material to create 3D images or infographics.

concept that best fit the format of our glasses for any 3D experience.

We work with our clients in person or online, from Barcelona to anywhere in the world.

We can recreate any existing space or any space still under construction.