At TwoReality we develop virtual tours for companies, stores and organizations. The applications are innumerable. Virtual tours can be a leap in quality for your business model, thanks to an immersive and engaging experience for customers. In addition, they are synonymous with innovation and vanguard, providing a positive image of your project.

The interactive virtual tour can be created with 360 photos, 360 renderings and 360 videos.

We are a virtual reality company specialized in the creation of 360 content for virtual environments compatible with VR glasses, PC, Tablet and Smartphone. We take care of developing everything necessary, including programming and interactions.

The contents we create for the virtual tours can be in 3D modeling or with real recordings.


Virtual tours and visits provide many advantages for both companies and their customers. Some of its most important advantages are:

  • It provides immersion and time savings for your customers, which is positively perceived and increases the likelihood of purchase. This consolidates as a very powerful promotional and marketing tool.
  • Differentiation over most of your competitors that have not yet implemented it or have done it with the wrong technology or without the optimum quality required. It is extremely important that it is carried out by a company specialized in 3D development.
  • Generate trust and transparency by providing more information about your project.
  • It increases the time the user spends on your website, increasing the conversion rate and helping to improve search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Increases information for decision making, which streamlines the buying process and shortens the phases of the customer journey until it leads to conversion.
  • The interaction and immersive experience has a positive impact on the image and image recall, as well as promotes customer loyalty.
  • Accelerates concept learning through user immersion.


  • See

    The virtual tour of your store or showroom from anywhere in the world and directly from the browser; compatible with any smartphone, tablet, computer and VR glasses.

  • Interact

    Interactivity and information points to guide the user experience.

  • Guide

    Guided session for sales representative, hostess, technician, to accompany the customer in the shopping experience or virtual visit.

    Video call internal to the system to accompany your clients and show spaces, services, products and much more.

  • Form

    Interactive quizzes to train and test users’ knowledge.

    Guided online training with scoring and timing.

  • Augmented Reality

    Show your products in augmented reality by scanning a QR code embedded in the virtual tour without the need for additional software or components.

  • Virtual Reality

    Visualize and interact in first person with your virtual reality glasses.

  • Buy

    Connect your e-commerce and buy the products found in the virtual store.

From simple virtual reality visualizations to complex online streaming simulations.

Any experience or space, whether it already exists or not, can be made more accessible to anyone, without the need for physical presence thanks to the Virtual Tour.

You have different ways to virtualize a space, or create a new one from scratch.

Discover all the possibilities that the Two Reality platform offers you:



Contact our technical department and we will advise you on the latest developments. Together we will define the virtual tour project that best fits your project and objectives.

  • Live guided tours: Live guided tours allow you to combine the visit with a video call to complement the experience. It is a functionality that, if well applied, will have a positive impact on your customers. It will allow us to “take them by the hand” throughout the tour, being able to solve their doubts or collect their impressions in real time. Do not hesitate and contact us, we will show you examples and possibilities.
  • The great potential of combining e-Learning and learning with virtual tours: this represents a revolution in the education sector, as well as in company trainings. It has been proven to accelerate the assimilation of content and reduce the learning curve. The applications are also unlimited: visits to facilities, virtual experiences of a didactic nature, discovery-based learning, gamification of the educational experience, travel to places far away in time or space, etc…
  • Interaction with objects and environments: improves the dynamization of the experience, making it more immersive and immersive. The discovery or guided interaction of additional information in the form of videos, pop-ups, sound effects or file downloads enhances the experience exponentially.
  • 3D transition effects: Quality modeling and animated transitions will add quality to the virtual tours. A tour that your customers will not forget and that will improve conversion rates and brand recall.
  • Optimized and compatible tours for all devices: it is extremely important that virtual tours can be enjoyed on the wide variety of media currently available on the market, from computers to smartphones. Quality and speed of loading are key factors in ensuring a positive customer experience.
  • Virtual reality (VR) compatibility: the user should easily switch from 360 degrees to a VR experience, switching from one mode to another immediately and as easily and effectively as possible.
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A participatory and immersive virtual navigation experience.

It allows the user to experience the real sensation of being in a store choosing any item and seeing its characteristics, in an operating room examining a medical practice, or a restaurant choosing a menu.

icon3 tworeality vr


Visualize the environment from above and discover the space.

Get a quick view and perspective of any space, adding annotations and interactive and/or informative points in the place of your choice on the floor plan.

icon1 tworeality vr


Analyzes the environment from the outside, eliminating external walls.

Enjoy a quick schematic view of complex assemblies by looking at any space from a global perspective for better analysis and understanding.

icon tworeality a2


Take the virtual tour also in full screen.

Experience the exact sensation of visiting a place and interact with the elements that compose it with a level of realism and immersion that will surprise you.

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It moves from one environmental plane to another with ease.

Enjoy a wealth of information, perfectly organized and structured for you to understand and experience in the best conditions.



Create a virtual store more realistic and complete than a physical store.

Whether the store exists in a physical space or not, we can create it from scratch or, capture with the camera and scan the space, process it in the cloud, and anyone will be able to interact with the 3D model from anywhere in the world:

  • directly from the browser
  • no software required
  • or additional components.
You can create a virtual showroom as real as life itself.

It offers the best experience for users who want to get to know a space, whether it is a store, fair or exhibition hall, allowing them to move around at their own pace, with a guided session, or leaving the user free within the virtual space.

To offer quality virtual training.

It adapts any curricular element into an interactive training experience with real-time scoring and reporting that will make learning anything an engaging and captivating experience in itself.

Show your products in augmented reality.

You will be able to reproduce in Augmented Reality any element you want to highlight within the virtual tour.

Users will be able to view any product from multiple angles, getting an even more complete view than in the real world.

Guided Sessions to ensure the best user experience.

It includes guided sessions within the virtual space to show the user how to achieve their goals, and yours.

Improve their experience and take them on the path you want to present your virtual products in the most attractive way.


Within the Virtual Tour, you will be able to include in the points you wish:

  • Product data sheets
  • Explanatory videos
  • PDF
  • URL to connect directly to a website
  • Shortcuts to e-commerce or product sheets
  • 3D interactive
  • Testing and training to train and examine user knowledge
  • Augmented reality
Guided session with e-commerce
Augmented reality and 360 interactive guided session

We answer your questions about Virtual Tour

  • It is a “magic window” that plays on a computer, mobile device or virtual glasses. It is like looking into a space or a scene that you are part of.
  • In a virtual tour it is possible to join images from 360º cameras or computer designs, add texts, pdf, photos, links, etc.
  • 360º photographs or videos are taken, images are designed by computer and joined in a virtual space with a previously defined path, inserting movement or selection actions to activate the interactive points.
  • It is a web page that can be inserted into a main site. The viewer decides what action to take according to the existing options.
  • By dragging the images with the mouse or using the arrow keys or even with the VR glasses, you can make the tour beforehand.
  • In each space you will find interactive points that open other web pages, or explanatory documents, sounds, videos, 360º videos, etc.
  • They are a novel and attractive tool for marketing.
  • Deliver a true representation of your business
  • They are available 24 hours a day
  • You can experience the atmosphere of the site without physically going there.
  • Shows with pictures what is difficult to describe in words
  • Let your customer know that your company is always willing to go the extra mile.
  • Virtual reality becomes available faster and faster
  • Fits in your pocket, on your Smartphone
  • It is interactive as well as demonstrative
  • It is very useful for branding and marketing.
  • While 360 tours are sequences of photos that are put together and presented in the form of a tour, 3D tours are demonstrations of spaces where the depth and breadth of the space can be perceived.
  • In a 3D tour you can zoom in on the ceiling to see the details of the frescoes in a castle, you can appreciate the dimension of the viewer while standing in the center of a large construction.

For those who want to convey an experience: it is not the same to show the decoration of a restaurant as to convey the feeling of spaciousness if that restaurant is available for events.

In the 3D tour, the viewer can immerse himself in the situation and develop emotions without being in the real place thanks to the sensation of depth generated by the 360 cameras and the level of detail provided by their resolution.

From TwoReality we continue to create the best content and applications for different devices. Tell us about your project.

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