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Category: 360 3D Video, Virtual Tour

Customer: 3M

Location: Germany

Year: 2019

Experience: Interactive Virtual Reality application, 3D 360º Animation

Hardware: Samsung Gear, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Oculus GO with virtual reality simulator

We have developed a virtual reality experience that allows you to see in first person how the different 3M products act depending on the type of light, reflection or type of glasses you are using and displays the content in augmented reality superimposed on the windshield.

The virtual experience is a combination of real 360 footage, 2D animations and 3D modeling. All the exterior part was filmed in Tenerife with a 360 camera and the interior part of the car was recreated in 3D high poly modeling with animations made in After Effects and 3ds Max.

All the car’s movements are synchronized with a virtual reality simulator that we have built from scratch for a unique and unforgettable experience.

The virtual reality experience highlights the differences between driving with and without 3M products.

In this way, it highlights the added values that these 3M products can offer its customers for a safe driving style and for the latest generation of cars.

realidad virtual coche simulador 3m filtro solar

Virtual Experience Development:

  • 360º Video Recording

  • 3D car interior modeling

  • Post-production with 2D elements, effects and filters

  • Design and Construction Virtual Reality Simulator

  • Synchronization of Simulator Movements with Virtual Experience

virtual reality driving simulator
realidad virtual coche simulador 3m filtros

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