How virtual reality can improve your events

Technology continues to advance in strides. At this point you may have already heard about the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive.
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Events get more advanced thanks to VR and AR

Event planners for companies always work with people in mind. They have to do it to provide the best personal experiences.
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Guide to the use of technology in companies: the best uses for virtual reality

Despite not yet complying with massive use, the interest in virtual reality or VR is present in consumers. There are models of Oculus Rift that are ranking among the best sales in the online markets.
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Live your wedding in Virtual Reality

Today, thanks to technological advancement, being able to capture every angle of your wedding moment is now within your reach.

For most couples, their wedding day is one of the most important times in their lives, and therefore having every second and shot on file is a critical part of ceremony planning.

This is possible due to 360 degree wedding videos, which have been seen more and more through social networks, where people publish the images of their marriage.

This technological modality has become increasingly attractive to the public as it is not something that has been observed previously.

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hiring oculus event

Oculus rental vs what you want

Oculus rental It is something that lately generates a lot of new customer acquisition. From our point of view we could say with a haughty tone "It is normal, we already knew that the market would accept this value proposition" But far from looking at us at the navel or believing ourselves gurus, that there are already many, the truth is that it is our own clients who, in briefing meetings, open Pandora's box with great reflections. So, with your permission, we are going to expose some of them:

Oculus rental vs giving away a 2Gb USB pen?

Giving away this type of promotional gadget is worthy of an old school-anchored marketing department. For years it has been so easy to find it in the welcome packs from many companies, such as losing it in the bottom of a drawer or in the laptop bag. Gentlemen, the cloud has reviewed this type of corporate gift and if one continues to think about its great usefulness, perhaps it would be good to analyze it from a brand image point of view. "Dropbox offers a free GB porrón with multi-device connection but we are going to wipe it out with this pen drive." Better keep your idea in the pen and the pen there, in that drawer.

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Events, companies and virtual reality

Do you want to know what we can do for your projects with virtual reality?

Do you have an idea? How do you outline your marketing strategy? La virtual reality It is a very interesting option to present different projects and get the attention of potential clients.

But what is virtual reality based on? Virtual reality consists of develop a real-time situation combining virtual elements with existing elements, and providing customers with product or service information in an incomparable way.

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