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Advantages of virtual reality for SMEs

Discover the benefits of virtual reality for small and medium-sized businesses

The technology in general is available and brings benefits to people and businesses alike, as virtual reality for business accelerates processes, reduces time, attracts attention, connects universally, distributes information quickly and delivers impactful content.

While in large companies it helps to reduce costs, avoid errors, optimize analysis and process data quickly;

in SMEs also becomes an efficient tool for dissemination, advertising and marketing.

Due to the difference in audiences, allocated budgets or the type of business oriented to individual customers or niche markets, technology becomes a strategic ally to reach these customers with surprising experiences.

An SME company generally has varied but scarce internal resources, so its best execution is to pay for what it “consumes” in logistics, marketing or advertising rather than creating charges for it.

It is also common for these companies to provide services to large companies where specialized tools and processes are required to deliver reports of the tasks performed and save time and money to their customers.

All the advantages of virtual reality for SMEs in different sectors

In marketing

An SME can execute actions in virtual reality and connect them with its digital marketing strategy or even face-to-face, to enhance its image by showing a facet of innovation.

An application for mobile devices with virtual reality will allow the implementation of an e-commerce that shows the products in a realistic way to attract the customer’s attention and simulate that they are “seen” in the space where they are going to be used.

It is also possible to integrate experiences with real life, for example in a shopping mall tour to find clues that must be captured through QR codes to obtain benefits.

They are a big draw as interactive games for children by getting them to complete tasks and pursue goals, developing brand affiliation.

In creating experiences

With low cost, running the live experience once, it is possible to recreate it as many times as required to capture the user’s attention and take them to interesting destinations or give them the experience of going there without leaving their VR goggles.

An SME dedicated to tourism can sell this service or sell the destinations in a travel agency, showing the different experiences that can happen there, encouraging you to buy a vacation package.

In education

Thanks to virtual reality, an SME can create quality content to instruct its students remotely, only with a pair of virtual reality glasses or even with plastic or cardboard glasses to which a Smartphone is added.

In this way, the person can see all the content in 360º, as if they were in the place where the scene occurs, creating a sense of immersion that increases the retention of the content.

In health

The treatment of phobias has several methods, however the most effective is to confront it directly in order to achieve the solution.

With a pair of virtual reality goggles it is possible to treat public speaking phobia, with a virtual one providing the same distress as a real one.

In the same way it is possible to treat fear of heights, fear of the sea, fear of animals and many more.

On sightseeing tours

A local agency can create its tours in virtual and augmented reality to take its visitors to recreate the history of places, thanks to smartphones that can show characters, reconstruct sites and tell stories.

With this content displayed, it is possible to take a photo and be accompanied by an old character in the place where the story took place as if we had been there.

Creating experiences

A marketing agency can display its clients’ products interactively in the middle of a shopping mall to attract attention, show usage and features, as well as transport the customer to real or imaginary scenarios.

Easily and without having the product in front of us, we can show the value of the solution or product in a way that is understandable to the customer’s language. We can also anticipate objections and demonstrate them visually.

This also helps to reduce the sales cycle by capturing attention, resolving doubts and clearly explaining the product, because nowadays we prefer to get information before listening to the salesperson.

Another advantage is that we can provide the sales force with an innovative, interactive, visible and tangible tool that helps to present the product, integrate the customer and show possible scenarios.

At Two Reality we have created tools and content like these for more than 70 companies, taking their business and commercial processes to the next level.

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