Apple buys augmented reality company Metaio

We’ve been waiting for this moment for months and it finally happened this week: Apple finally enters the augmented reality market by buying Metaio, one of the largest augmented reality companies.

Apple will enter fully into augmented reality by purchasing one of the world’s largest augmented reality software development companies: Metaio.

The startup that has a large community of developers and more than 150,000 users worldwide.

Among the most interesting projects created by Metaio we find the augmented reality app for Ferrari: a system that allows potential buyers to choose the car by customizing colors, rims and finishes with an iPad application.

From Metaio’s official website it is confirmed that it has blocked new customer requests and now an official communication announces the purchase of the company by Apple.


All companies in the augmented reality industry are now asking the same questions:

  • How will this purchase boost the augmented reality sector?
  • Will we find augmented reality already integrated in the next update to iOS 9?
  • How will Apple’s augmented reality change our daily lives?
  • Is this a new step towards the release of Apple’s virtual reality glasses?

Unfortunately, to get an answer to all these questions we will have to wait for the new iOS 9 to be released and cross our fingers.

Surely this operation has been done to bring new augmented reality applications to all devices or to improve old apps such as maps and geolocation.

These days there is a lot of expectation in our offices in Barcelona and Milan to try to understand what is really going to happen from now on with Cupertino devices and what will be the new perspectives for augmented reality developers.

Surely this measure will serve to accustom users to using this new technology on a daily basis and will become commonplace in a short time.