Augmented Reality in the Industry - Daqri Smart Helmet

As virtual reality company involved in many projects we can affirm that augmented reality is in full expansion in different sectors.

It is not only limited to appearing in the world of leisure and entertainment but we also find it in fashion, shopping, marketing and health, among others.

Well, What if we tell you that augmented reality is now immersed in the labor field in the work carried out in industrial environments, for example? This kind of industrial virtual realityLittle by little, its use will be common in hundreds of companies around the world.
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Fashion and virtual reality: a real revolution?

Technological innovation in the fashion world opens new scenarios and new perspectives for the clothing sector. Virtual reality applications for the fashion industry are beginning to proliferate, ranging from useful user applications, such as the virtual dressing room, to apps that, on the contrary, use the effect wow to engage and surprise the public. With this article, TwoReality, virtual reality company, He presents you some of the most important, developed by different realities in recent months.

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development of oculus applications and virtual glasses

Best computers for Oculus Rift

What are the best computers to have the perfect virtual reality experience in Oculus Rift?

A few weeks ago the company Oculus Rift published the minimum requirements to use your glasses with PC and Windows operating system. Development for Linux and Apple devices is currently on hold until the end of 2016.

If you want to start using virtual reality, the equipment you need is the following:

  • Computer with at least Windows 7 Service pack 1, with Intel Core i5-4590 quad-core processor (or AMD equivalent),
  • Graphics card that from the Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 290, 8 gigabytes of RAM (we recommend 16 gigabytes).

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Virtual Reality and Architecture

Virtual reality and architecture are two concepts that together offer a lot profitability and cost savings. The potential offered by this new technology to a sector that is gradually reactivated, especially due to the interest of investment groups in our country, is to streamline the costs and ways of presenting architectural projects to potential clients. Virtual reality is positioned as a strategic element for the real estate and construction sector when looking for investors. The possibility of reproduce spaces with virtual glasses with Oculus Rift, Carboard or Samsung glasses It offers a totally real vision of what is going to be built or bought. To offer an exact technological solution, as impressive as it is, to the demand of a highly demanding and suspicious market of operations that do not reach their objectives of finishing or profitability.

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Welcome to TwoReality - A Virtual Reality company

We are a emptechnological resa specialized in developing 3D content for virtual and immersive reality. Our company develop custom applications to be able to enjoy the innovative technology of virtual reality.

We have a team of professionals with years of experience and a multitude of projects and virtual reality applications.

Our main value is to offer companies the possibility of developing and experiment with interactive content and experiences. Virtual reality allows you to create spaces that have not yet been designed or to recreate new experiences. In other words, it allows us to generate fictitious contexts so that the user experience is as real as possible.

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