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Augmented reality and beverages: new ways to reach the user

Beverage brands have always been known for creating the most creative campaigns.

With augmented reality being a highly visual and eye-catching resource, it is not surprising that beverage companies are using it to advertise their products or create experiences for their potential buyers.

Here are some examples of how beverage brands have implemented augmented reality in their campaigns.

Jack Daniel’s. Augmented reality to tell us about its beginnings.

The world’s most popular whiskey brand has released an augmented reality application.

This application turns the well-known Jack Daniel’s labels into books that tell stories.

Through the camera of a smartphone or tablet, users can turn the label of any Jack Daniel’s bottle (regardless of size) into a 3D book that tells three stories.

The first explains the whiskey creation process.

In detail, it provides information on the water used, the processing of the ingredients, the fermentation and subsequent distillation…

It even details how the barrels in which the Tennessee whiskey will mature until it is fit for consumption are made.

The second story shows us in detail the distillery where the company was founded, located in Lynchburg, Tennessee, USA.

Through the camera of our device, we can “visit” Jack Daniel’s office,

the cave from which the water was obtained, the Motlow House (listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places) or the cellar where the barrels were housed.

The third story provides information about the life and work of Jack Daniel, founder of the brand.

With this augmented reality and beverage experience, the well-known whiskey brand achieves two objectives.

First, it attracts the curiosity of new consumers.

Secondly, it makes regular consumers interact with the brand like never before.

Augmented reality makes 19 Crimes Wine bottles talk to us.

Australian wine company 19 Crimes has made its bottles talk to us. To understand this, a little context is needed.

The labeling on the bottles of this brand shows different criminals who, after having committed crimes in Great Britain, were expatriated to Australia during the 18th century.

Using an augmented reality app and drinks, and again through the camera of our device, 19 Crimes has managed to create “talking bottles”.

Once we focus on the bottle with our camera, the criminal’s camera becomes animated, and he begins to tell us his story.

With this campaign, 19 Crimes enhances the user experience, while offering a view into Australia’s past that we often overlook.

Whiskey Shackleton: a fascinating story told through augmented reality.

By focusing on a limited edition of this whiskey’s packaging with our camera, an interactive infographic explains how in 2007 three crates of whiskey were found in an abandoned camp in the Antarctic.

This camp was established in 1907 by Sir Ernest Shackleton, a legendary explorer known for his campaigns in the Antarctic.

To maintain the morale of his crew, Shackleton purchased 25 cases of high-quality Mackinlay’s whiskey.

One hundred years later, three of these boxes were found in perfect condition.

From this discovery, Richard Paterson decided to create Shackleton whiskey, in honor of the adventurer.

The augmented reality and beverage app recreates Shacleton’s journey, while explaining to the user details about Antarctic exploration.

Augmented reality, Guinness and Singapore

Irish stout brand Guinness launched an augmented reality and beverage campaign specifically for the city-state of Singapore.

In this city, Guinness beer is known by the nickname of “the Red Tongue Dog”.

For this reason, it launched an AR campaign where users can scan a logo specifically created for the campaign by a local artist.

This logo, present on both posters and a special edition bottle, transforms to display a wealth of information about Guinness’ relationship with the city-state of Singapore.

Thanks to this campaign, Guinness was able to increase its sales in Singapore and strengthen its popularity in social networks.

Don’t know what to take? Bombay Sapphire and augmented reality help you,

The Bombay Sapphire gin brand also launched an augmented reality campaign.

When the label of the bottle is scanned, an animation reflecting the exotic character of this gin is overprinted.

In addition, this experience offers 360 videos showing different ideas of cocktails in which this drink is used.

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