Augmented reality for companies

realidad aumentada para empresas

Augmented reality is a technology that allows us to add layers of virtual information over the real world.

In this way, we can enrich the user experience by visiting real spaces, and even develop specific activities designed exclusively for augmented reality.

The great advantage of augmented reality is the possibility of enjoying it with a device that nowadays we all carry with us practically 24 hours a day: our cell phone. So companies can create experiences for their users with the guarantee that everyone will have access to them.

Benefits of augmented reality for businesses

As with any new technology, the adoption of augmented reality in companies goes hand in hand with the benefits it can bring. At Two Reality we believe in augmented reality as the key to the future to improve the communication between user and brand. Some of the benefits that augmented reality can bring to all types of companies are:

  • Interactive experiences

    Augmented reality not only allows the projection of visual elements onto the real world. All these elements are interactive, either through user gestures or even voice commands. This allows companies to offer experiences that favor user interaction with their brand.

  • Gamification

    One of the possible experiences that can be developed are interactive games, in which users can follow clues, talk to virtual characters and even chase targets.

  • Versatility

    The experiences that can be created with augmented reality are limitless. Each company can adapt the type of elements, the duration, the interaction and other parameters to offer a totally personalized communication according to its brand.

  • No physical infrastructure required

    With augmented reality, any space can be used to create an interactive event. So companies do not need to invest in their own physical infrastructure: any location can become their branded space.

  • Remote

    Users can enjoy augmented reality from anywhere, be it the comfort of their home, the street or a specific space.

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In which sectors is augmented reality applied?


Augmented reality enriches learning for both children and adults. Think, for example, of the projection of detailed animal models in a biology class. Or the details of a combustion engine in a training for mechanics.


Cultural exhibitions can greatly expand the information and interaction they offer thanks to augmented reality. The visualization of works of art in museums can be complemented with additional information, including a virtual reproduction of the author of the work explaining the creation process.


Tourism offices and different actors in this sector can prepare all kinds of actions, such as, for example, a route of important monuments with specific 3-D information for each of them.

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realidad aumentada industria

Real Estate

The visualization of properties before their completion or the superimposition of different finishes and materials in apartments to be refurbished are just some of the possibilities that augmented reality brings to the real estate sector.


In the different manufacturing and assembly processes, we can have real-time technical specifications and performance details for each machine through augmented reality.


Trade fair and congress stands can display additional information thanks to augmented reality.

Two Reality,
your augmented reality company

The implementation of augmented reality projects must be carried out by professionals, so that the final product is of high quality and adapted to the client’s needs. At Two Realidad we are experts in the development of customized augmented reality projects.

Over more than 10 years, we have worked as an augmented reality company for more than 70 brands, with more than 100 projects completed and several international recognitions.

For each project, we study in detail what the customer needs and we add value thanks to our know-how and experience in the sector. Our team is formed by several profiles that give us a global vision of each project: Engineers, 3D Modelers, Video Maker and Photographers.

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Examples of augmented reality in companies

Here are some of the projects we have worked on over the years:

Angry Birds augmented reality game for Cheetos

Content visualization for Zurich

Showroom for Estel Group

Educational game for Paranix

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