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Augmented reality for everyday use. Uses and applications

In today’s article, from our augmented reality company and virtual reality, we will show you the best uses and applications for everyday life that augmented reality offers us, so you can see how Augmented Reality can help us and make our lives easier in countless situations.

But first of all, before we delve into the best uses for augmented reality in everyday life, we must first define precisely what augmented reality is.

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

This is a form of Virtual Reality in which computer-designed or photographed content is projected onto a real space using the camera and screen of a mobile device.

Apple’s Tim Cook and AR

Recently this recognized industry leader commented in this article that it is a critical technology for his company in the coming years.

As we know, Apple did not invent the MP3 but thanks to it, it revolutionized the technological world with its iPod and then with its iPhone.

It now tells us that in its future plans is to launch augmented reality hardware including the launch of AR glasses in 2025 and AR contact lenses in 2030.

Global confinement has transformed habits, including the fact that remote work and teleworking are being implemented in all countries.

Those who are permanently at home are affected by loneliness, lack of contact with the outside world and the routine of confinement, so the use of Augmented Reality helps to overcome the emotions associated with confinement.

How does Augmented Reality support those of us who are confined?

Confinement takes many forms and is not just pandemic. A person is also confined if he cannot go out because his body is immobilized, or because he has an illness that prevents him from doing so, or because his work forces him to do so.

Examples of Augmented Reality Uses and Applications

Augmented Reality for Entertainment and Health

Virtual Reality is a fabulous vehicle for transporting people to faraway places, to places of fantasy and also to the therapist’s office working to remove your phobia.

Augmented Reality for Shopping

In more everyday uses, it helps us to select the perfect armchair for our home: we go to the store page, project from there the furniture in our space and decide, making a quick purchase.

Thus, Augmented Reality allows me to see a virtual element, (the armchair on the page, which the seller previously photographed) to be projected as if it were in my home.

This allows me to have what I want without going to the store, without bothering to return it if the color or size doesn’t match, and in minutes.

Augmented Reality for Events

With Augmented Reality we can send innovative invitations to our viewers, showing them in three dimensions, at home or on top of the invitation, the character or product we want.

This is a new way to get together, see your favorite artist live and get better ticket prices. An invitation with Augmented Reality is synonymous with innovation, quality and safe entertainment.

Augmented Reality for Games

For children it is intuitive, fun and encourages imagination, as well as spatial relationships because it allows them to “see” things that are not there, forcing the brain to build the concept of spatial computation.

It is natural that Augmented Reality is linked to video games, which have been the basis for the popularization of this technology; today it is not only played on computers or consoles, as we saw with Pokemon a few years ago.

This is the best example of Augmented Reality applied to everyday life, in the middle of a video game.

Augmented Reality for Justice

Through Augmented Reality, complex cases are being reconstructed to be shown to the jury as an additional decision tool.

For example, at the Nuremberg trials, it was possible to convict SS guard Reinhold Hanning of being an accomplice to 170,000 Auschwitz victims.

This happened thanks to the fact that through Augmented Reality a series of images of the concentration camps could be taken and even the trees of the time were recreated using more than 1,000 photos as a reference.

By recreating the scene, it was determined that the guard had vision over the field, making him guilty of the crimes.

Augmented Reality for Public Services

When you need to install utilities it is always difficult to make sure that you are not going to damage one that is there because we don’t have plans. In this way, with everyone’s collaboration, we can find out what is under the ground.

Based on the plans of the utility networks, it is possible to recreate the contents under the floor, facilitating maintenance work or the installation of new services.

Augmented Reality for Market Research

Retailers and inventory managers can learn how the consumer behaves by recreating with AR how the consumer decided to buy by looking at the shelves with their glasses.

Augmented reality software makes it possible to simulate a store in an open space and there know the reaction of a consumer to different organizations and product presentations.

With this tool you can immediately know the reaction of the shopper facing a specific shelf design and product distribution.


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