Augmented Reality: how to improve production efficiency

Augmented reality (AR) is a simple and effective way to prototype digital products.

Currently, augmented reality companies have explored its implementation in two types of media.

On the one hand, tablets and smartphones can display digital content over the visual content of the actual environment captured by the camera.

On the other hand, augmented reality glasses  have not yet shown the development potential among the general public that has been observed in the business world. Both media offer a differential strategic advantage: their clear focus on interactive content and usability. As our lifestyles have become faster and more fleeting, so has the shelf life of the products on the market.

Being the first to market with a revolutionary idea can lead to massive sales success.

On the other side of the coin, launching a product in a rushed manner, without sufficient development work and planning behind it, will jeopardize the company’s reputation. And that, in our current society, can easily lead to its demise.

In this sense, the development of prototypes using augmented reality will make it possible to know in advance the properties of the product in an efficient, economical and interactive way.

Companies have been the first to glimpse the development capacity of augmented reality.

Although this is still a very young market, the return on investment potential to date has generated high expectations. Augmented reality companies offer products that are inexpensive, dynamic and easy to apply.

The use of augmented reality glasses in industrial design allows working in real environments, but with virtual 3D elements.

In this way, products can be developed by seeing the result step by step in our physical environment, and not on a screen.

Similarly, augmented reality can also be used in the product testing and finalization phases.

Augmented reality design allows product modifications to be made in real time. In addition, you can create a log of changes made and revert to previous versions.

In this way, it is possible to
production time, and minimize the possibility of errors in the design process.
in the design process. And all these advantages, working in physical space through interactive virtual interfaces. These interactive interfaces are also decisive when demonstrating to the public, as they are very good engagement generators.

Augmented reality, key to improving work dynamics.

Augmented reality also improves the work dynamics of companies.

It allows for much more fluid real-time collaboration, both on-site and remotely.

Overprinting annotations on the physical space, live modification of the prototype or sharing (literally) points of view are two of the many possibilities offered by the development of augmented reality.

In this way, users located in different parts of the world can participate in collaborative sessions without having to incur travel costs.

At the individual level, the development of RA also allows the optimization of work processes. The ability to work in virtual environments, as well as the possibility of generating voice alerts and real-time notifications, represent a major advance in terms of occupational risk prevention. You can even create intelligent work environments that collect data and communicate with employees through their augmented reality glasses. In this way, the system will predict certain dangerous situations that will be avoided in advance.

In addition, the possibility of infinite tests and tutorials provides companies with an effective and safe tool for training their employees.

In short, the use of augmented reality in the company offers many advantages in practically all processes, from the employee training and risk prevention, up to the marketing stages of the final product, including the prevention of occupational hazards and the optimization of teamwork. All this while minimizing costs and taking advantage of an increasingly popular and economical technology, such as AR glasses.

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