Augmented Reality in Industry – Daqri Smart Helmet

Augmented Reality in Industry – Daqri Smart Helmet

As a virtual reality company involved in many projects, we can affirm that augmented reality is in full expansion in different sectors.

It is not only limited to the world of leisure and entertainment, but is also found in fashion, shopping, marketing and health, among others.

Well, what if we tell you that augmented reality is now immersed in the labor field in industrial environments, for example?

This type of industrial virtual reality will gradually become commonplace in hundreds of companies around the world thanks to Daqri glasses.

We are referring to the most recent creation of the American augmented reality company Daqri Smart Helmet, and the product bearing the same name.

It is nothing more and nothing less than an augmented reality smart helmet, designed for the industrial field.

A smart helmet to wear at work

One of its best features is that, unlike the already world-renowned Google Glass,

The Daqri helmet not only allows full recognition of the environment in which the user is located,

but also the protection of the subject in question.

Although this is not the first smart device of its kind,

the Daqri augmented reality helmet is the first helmet created for industrial environments and

that also focuses on serving as a tool that,

using a pair of scopes and several sensors, facilitates the work of professionals.

These viewfinders use optical technology very similar to Epson’s Moverio viewfinders,

but they also have 4 cameras that provide a 360º panoramic view,

ideal to recognize the environment.

The transparent visor that is positioned in front of the eyes acts as a screen on which information is projected,

in real time, related to everything around the worker.


Although it can be seen as an intrusive tool, it is very useful.

Similarly, we know that this smart helmet has a high-precision depth sensor so that the data obtained are reliable.

The system used by the Daqri Smart Helmet is designed to create virtual interfaces.

and work optimally with what you see.


It also allows data to be taken and automatically uploaded to the cloud,

so that they can be instantly viewed by any competent worker.

In terms of security, there is no need to worry, as its special software is resistant

and very efficient at storing the information provided.

On the other hand, its form is most convenient, since it is no secret that the workers

and industrial and construction workers always use

-or at least they should

a helmet and goggles to avoid any type of accident.

Despite being a somewhat large device in size,

this quality makes it a useful gadget as the space factor is not a concern and all attention can then be focused on creating suitable and durable hardware.

Looking at it from afar, one might think that it is a somewhat futuristic helmet or a kind of wearable ideal for track cyclists.

However, this smart helmet is neither close to one nor the other: it seeks to create a space between the tools of industrial workers and laborers.

The existence of Daqri should not come as a surprise, since this type of technology has already been making inroads in all existing aspects and fields.

What is surprising is that it is not a worldwide known idea.

and that companies are not already on a waiting list to purchase it when it goes on sale next October.

The first examples run the Android operating system and two Qualcomm Snapdragon processors.

On the other hand, using Google’s mobile system allows apps of all kinds to be developed,

and also stay connected to smartphones or smartwatches with Android Wear.

So we can only wait for it to appear soon and appreciate the benefits that Daqri will bring to the industrial field.

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