• Zurich

    Visualizes virtual content superimposed on a real scenario

Augmented Reality Application

Category: Augmented Reality Game

Client: Zurich

Location: Barcelona (Spain)

Year: 2016

Expertise: Augmented Reality Application, 3D 360º Animation

Hardware: Cardboard with IOS – Android mobiles

Augmented Reality Experience

Application that allows to visualize virtual contents superimposed on a real scenario such as our kitchen or living room.

The user will be able to choose between three main scenarios.

Each scenario will have a different virtual content that, using the cardboard, is superimposed on the real environment that is being experienced.

If the user does not have the Cardboard glasses, he/she will be able to live the same experience by viewing the contents directly on the screen of his/her cell phone.

The experience will start once the marker has been captured in the real scenario.

– Scenario Home

Activator : television, oven

– Office Scenario

Activator : angle between the ceiling and the wall

– Street Stage

Activator : traffic light

If you are interested in the development of augmented reality and virtual reality applications, please contact us without obligation.

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