Augmented reality retail

Augmented reality retail

The end of testers is closer than you think…thanks to augmented reality.

That we are in the middle of summer is evident, and there is no shortage of evidence of this.

The heat is unbearable, the beaches are full of bathers and finding a table on a terrace is almost mission impossible.

But above all, there is one sign that floods every storefront in sight.

Sales, sales and more sales.

And consequently, endless queues, crowded stores and hours in the fitting room to decide which swimsuit will be a sensation next Sunday at the beach.

So far, augmented reality can’t help us find a place for a towel or not melt under the relentless summer sun.

However, it will get us out of more than one trouble when we want to renew our closet,

redecorating our home or knowing what makeup goes best with our skin tone.

The development of augmented reality is revolutionizing the retail sector.

Thanks to augmented reality retail we will be able to move through the usual stores as never before.

In fashion stores, for example, we will be able to interact with large screens to see in advance how that jacket we like so much would look on us.



Timberland has already tested this initiative, based on Kinect technology in retail,

by means of which we can interact with a screen through gestures to navigate between the different garments available,

and see which one suits us best.

Other major brands have already offered similar experiences, such as Topshop or Lacoste.

The latter launched the LCST app, which allows potential consumers to view, via their smartphone,

how the brand’s footwear looked on them without having to wear it.

With this technology, the crocodile brand intended to change its traditional target to try to connect with a younger audience.

And the results were plain to see.

More than 30,000 users used this application to test products in 3D.


Augmented reality turns toy stores into even more magical places

When we were children, we all had certain dates specially marked on the calendar.

Birthdays and summer vacations were fine…but nothing could compare to Christmas.

There was nothing better than bringing your new toys on the first day of school to see who had the coolest one of all.

The toy stores had an almost magical aura.

Although we all remember those feelings with nostalgia, the truth is that times change.

And now the little ones have more fun with a smartphone than with the latest Action Man.

Toys “R” Us, which if anything understands how to make children enjoy themselves,

took advantage of this change in trend by launching, together with the augmented reality and artificial intelligence company PlayFusion, the Play Chaser application.



This program offers, through your phone, a true interactive experience in the very aisles of the store.

The little ones (and not so little ones) can have a blast in the aisles of Toys “R” Us thanks to a series of 3D mini-games in augmented reality retail.

Taking care of a baby, playing basketball or going on safari are some of the possibilities.

This application, which accumulates more than 100,000 downloads and a rating of four out of five on Google Play,

offers a perfect solution to an increasingly pressing problem.

Industry giants like Mattel have seen their sales drop year after year since 2013, largely due to the invasion of screens.

Thanks to augmented reality, you will never get lost in a store again.

Augmented reality mirrors or interactive in-house mini-games are effective and eye-catching solutions to real problems.

However, retail augmented reality companies have also strived to make the user experience within retail better in more subtle ways.

For example, augmented reality is also capable of facilitating consumer orientation within the store.

How many times have we gone crazy trying to find the shirt section in a Zara?

How many times have we unsuccessfully scoured the aisles of Mercadona to find a brick of milk?

All that is over thanks to augmented reality.


And it’s all as easy as pointing the camera forward and being guided by small icons overlaid on your phone’s screen.

In short, the development of virtual reality offers a world of possibilities that go far beyond capturing a Pikachu on the ramblas.

When it seemed that retail was going through its worst moment due to the popularity of online commerce,

This type of application offers enough incentive to, despite the heat,

go down to the store and buy that swimsuit that suits you so well.

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