The Virtual Showroom – [Guía Completa]

Zenfone AR: Virtual and Augmented Reality in One

The first phone compatible with Google Tango and DayDream

Cell phones have long since ceased to be simple devices for just calling and texting.

With each year, innovations become more powerful and challenging, and thus the field of new smart cell phone launches becomes more competitive.
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Augmented reality: a good technological investment

Augmented reality: a good technological investment


One of the most innovative products on the market are virtual glasses, which are generating more and more expectations due to their multiple functions when it comes to using them.
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5G will mark the new era of augmented reality

How augmented reality will change Apple

Tim Cook opens Apple’s doors to augmented reality

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The advantages of using augmented reality in packaging

Augmented reality (AR) is a tool that is being used more and more frequently.

Augmented Reality: Vision, Results and Tips

Augmented Reality: Vision, Results and Tips “You mean to tell me that we can put any virtual content into reality? Is a sheet of paper with a black and white drawing enough to do the magic?”

Differences between Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality

There are several technologies that seek to change the way we perceive our reality, whether it is about entering a virtual world, augmenting an existing one in a realistic and interactive way, or somewhere in between.

All three options involve viewing images that are not real, so the way they differ is how you interact with the virtual elements.

In the following guide you will learn all the basics about them and how they differ from each other.
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