Cardboard virtual glasses for large events

Cardboard virtual glasses for events with a large number of attendees are the perfect glasses.

Find out why:

Virtual Reality is here to stay. It’s no longer rumors when  from Silicon Valley two of the biggest content platforms, Youtube and Facebook, report that their platforms are preparing to support 360 videos with cardboard glasses. Madness? No!

The famous Brand Content key for many brands when communicating with their consumers now establishes a new format: Virtual Reality. Virtual glasses such as the Oculus Rift, owned by Facebook, the network with over a billion users, the Dive or the new Samsung virtual glasses offer the perfect medium for this new fully immersive virtual content with the ability to bring the consumer into a branded world in an experiential way.

Among this list of virtual glasses there are some with a great ability to reach many of our potential customers if our goal is to impact on a large scale mass; the virtual glasses Cardboard for events are your Must.

The carboard is a biodegradable concept, almost disposable, with a totally affordable price if our strategy goes beyond showing our virtual content in an event. These “low cost” virtual glasses allow you to easily print any logo on them as they are made of an everyday material such as cardboard at a very competitive price.

Viralizing a brand action from a fully potential prism powered by content giants make these glasses the perfect way to offer our audience a long-lasting, surprising and plug&play experience for any marketing campaign.

How do Cardboard Virtual Glasses work?

1.- We have the cardboard completely folded.

2.- Follow the instructions and assemble them following the instructions indicated on the cardboard itself.

3.- We take our smartphone and turn on the App or video with the virtual reality content.

4.- Place the device on the front of the cardboard, as shown in the drawing.

5.- And enjoy!

5-cardboard-google-development-applications- glasses-virtual-reality-oculus-rift-tworeality-immersive-

What content can we view?

– Online and offline games from the smartphone.

– Augmented reality by activating the front camera of the cell phone. This adds virtual content in the real environment.

– 360 HD videos.

– Static images.

– Exaggeratedly surprising dynamic images.

Who gives more?

If you have not yet lived the experience of content for virtual glasses or you don’t even know what we are talking about. Call us or contact us and ask for a no obligation test. We are waiting for you!

TwoReality is an agency specialized in the development of content for virtual glasses with more than 6 years of experience in the conceptualization and development of 3D, augmented reality, immersive reality and virtual reality applications and content.