• Virtual Reality CerealBio

    The experience itself is a virtual recreation of the real world

Your world as you have never seen it before

Category: 360 3D Video

Client: Cerealbio

Location:  Barcelona  

Year: 2016

Experience: Application in Virtual Reality, 360 3D Animation

Hardware: Samsung Gear, Oculus Rift, Cardboard,

Development of a 360° 3D video to present the new products of CerealBio

The experience is a virtual recreation of the real world. A planet under great pressure as a result of progress and in a delicate equilibrium on the verge of breaking due, among other factors, to the excessive meat intake.

Virtual experience description:

By putting on the goggles, the user lives the experience of entering a ship/capsule and being miniaturized.

Next, the user will fly with the ship over a wheat field as if he/she were an insect, with the a zenithal and subjective point of view, and “grandiosity” of plants. Finally, the route leads to a barbecue in which a family is cooking the products of CerealBio.

The idea of the project is to accompany this 3D video with a real experience.

The user will feel the air in his/her face and the smell of the products being cooked, thanks to the use of fans.

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