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Colombia and virtual reality: what it is and how it can help companies

La virtual reality in Colombia (Virtual Reality, or VR in English) is a technology that offers multiple solutions for Colombian companies:

Education and training in virtual reality, virtual meetings, streaming 360, guided experiences for groups, serious game, analyze and visualize big data, interactive experiences, events in virtual reality and much more ...

This tool allows the visualization of content in virtual environments, which are displayed on devices called virtual reality glasses.

These glasses allow the user to view the contents on special screens located near their eyes.

In this way, much more realistic experiences are generated than through the use of a traditional screen, or even 3D.

For this reason, VR is a technology that offers solutions to help Colombian companies improve productivity, facilitate communication and increase the return on investment (ROI).

Although VR is a tool that offers many possibilities for development, most companies in virtual reality of Colombia They have started with games and fun experiences.

It is a young technology whose limits are still to be explored.

For this article we will see other areas in which it was very useful.

What is virtual reality and how does it work?

As we have already seen, with VR users can access virtual content on adapted devices, which are virtual reality glasses.

These isolate users from the outside and place it within a virtual 360-degree environment.

This fact will allow virtual reality agencies in Bogotá and other cities to create immersive, realistic and interactive experiences.

An example of this is the fun video below, which shows how players from Fulham, England's historic football team, tried to walk along a wooden plank on top of a skyscraper.

Although it is a totally virtual and simulated experience, it is so realistic that some of them, professional soccer players, did not dare to try it.

The glasses, therefore, are a very important factor to enjoy an immersive and quality VR experience.

It is a device that over time became more accessible and affordable for all budgets.

In this sense, the launch of Oculus Rift It was a turning point for VR, as this model developed by Facebook became very popular.

However, there are many other models of virtual reality glasses, adapted to the different needs of all users.

Virtual Reality Bogotá

The ability of virtual reality to generate immersive experiences, as well as the popularization and lower cost of VR glasses, will allow many companies to begin to incorporate this technology and develop the entertainment industry. virtual reality in Colombia.

We know that the entertainment industry was a pioneer and virtual reality games became very popular.

VR has now proven to be useful for many other purposes: in the EducationFor example, it is very useful for creating immersive and interactive academic content that improves student performance.

On the other hand, the use of this technology in marketing campaigns allows us to generate unique experiences for our potential clients.

It is an excellent tool to enhance teleworking and remote meetings;

In this way, Colombian companies will be able to differentiate their brand and improve productivity.

TwoReality, the main virtual reality agency in Colombia.

Virtual reality is a technology in clear growth, accessible and versatile with a lot of room for growth in Colombia, starting with the capital.

The virtual reality companies in the country they are still scarce, mainly dedicated to the use of entertainment and for this reason TwoReality It is becoming the country's leading virtual reality agency.

En TwoReality We have more than ten years of experience in developing applications in virtual and augmented reality.

We have worked with major brands such as Banco Santander, Bacardi, RedBull, Reebok, Bayer or Pepsi, allowing us to be the main virtual reality reference in Spain.

Now, thanks to our experience and professionalism, we want to bring the great benefits of virtual reality to a society as dynamic and modern as Colombia.

From TwoReality We continue to create the best content and applications for different devices.
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