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Coronavirus and virtual reality:

teleworking to help companies.

The spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Italy has forced the Italian government to take measures to halt its spread.

Many companies have closed their offices to avoid contagion among their workers.

Due to the ease of transmission of COVID-19, Italian companies are being forced to resort to teleworking to keep their production processes active.

The presence of the coronavirus in Barcelona and Madrid may cause Spanish companies to start taking similar measures.

In this sense, virtual reality (VR) offers multiple solutions to maintain the company’s activity while minimizing health risks for employees.

This technology makes it possible to create interactive and collaborative telework environments.

In addition, virtual reality environments offer great customization capabilities.

Therefore, it is a technology capable of adapting to the needs of any type of company.

realidad virtual coronavirus teletrabajo reuniones chat streaming

Virtual reality, the solution to organize meetings safe from the coronavirus.

Thanks to virtual reality, remote meetings are much faster, interactive, immersive and without the risk of coronavirus infection.

Face-to-face meetings are critical to the operation of virtually any business.

However, the ease of contagion of the coronavirus has forced many Italian companies to close their offices and resort to remote meetings.

However, traditional videoconferencing is not as effective as physical meetings.

Since they do not share a common space, non-verbal communication is almost non-existent.

For this reason, video conferences via Skype or Google Hangouts are much more distant and less effective than regular meetings.

Virtual reality meetings and conferences, on the other hand, allow for high levels of interaction, non-verbal communication and immersive capabilities.

Using VR, virtual avatars can be created for each of the meeting participants.

These avatars allow participants to look at each other, gesticulate and better perceive each other’s non-verbal language.

This will make virtual reality meetings shorter, less confusing and much more decisive.

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Prevent coronavirus with virtual reality training and seminars.

Through the use of virtual reality, many people can simultaneously participate in virtual group experiences, such as trainings or seminars, without risk of coronavirus infection.

VR applications allow the creation of interactive and personalized 360 experiences.

In addition, the session leaders can interact with each of the participants and perceive their non-verbal language.

In this way, they can resolve doubts, carry out interactive group dynamics and analyze the posture of the attendees to know if they are paying attention to you.

These virtual experiences also allow control over the content shown to employees.

VR allows individual interactions to be applied in real time to solve each user’s doubts. In addition, each participant can be offered individual and personalized content.

Therefore, employees from different departments of the company can participate in a single training session, reducing the number of training sessions and improving productivity.

Virtual reality, a technology adapted to streaming.

realidad virtual coronavirus teletrabajo reuniones chat

The success of virtual reality meetings, conferences and training is due to the ability of this technology to generate streaming audiovisual content.

Through VR, users can interact with live 360° videos with high-quality surround sound.

In addition, TwoReality develops 360º video players adapted to the needs of each company.

These players are compatible with the main virtual reality devices on the market, such as Oculus or Google cardboard.

For all these reasons, virtual reality is the best solution to minimize the effects of the coronavirus on companies’ profitability.

At TwoReality, we have been developing VR solutions adapted to the needs of workers for 10 years.

We have carried out experiences and training of this type for large companies, such as Santander or Telefonica.

Therefore, we offer you the peace of mind to keep your company’s employees active while they enjoy unique, interactive experiences from home, away from the coronavirus.

From TwoReality we continue to create the best content and applications for different devices. Tell us about your project.