Discover the world with Google Earth VR

Starting this week, Google Earth VR Virtual Reality will allow us to explore in first person some of the most remote and extraordinary places on the planet.

The level of participation offered by a technology such as Virtual Reality puts experiences of all kinds within our reach, whether in the field of entertainment or in many others.

The latest demonstration comes to the market this week with the launch of Google Earth VR, an application that will allow us to travel to any corner of the planet and fly over a topographically recreated world.



Thanks to Google Earth VR, it will no longer be the same to visit the most beautiful cities or contemplate the most beautiful landscapes of the planet from home.

For the moment, only users who own an Htc Vive Virtual Reality viewer will be able to glide over the surface of the Earth. However, before the end of the year the app will be available on other platforms, such as Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard.

It will most likely also be available on Daydream, Google’s Virtual Reality platform for smartphones. Once the software is activated, users will be able to immerse themselves in a tour of the entire planet and get a close-up look at such wonders as the waters of the Amazon River, the urban landscape of Manhattan, the rugged gorges of the Colorado Canyon or the peaks of the Swiss Alps.

Earth VR represents the confirmation of the capacity of Virtual Reality, also in the educational field.

Making these types of tools and technologies available to students will undoubtedly help stimulate their interest in learning through interactive experiences.

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