Events become more advanced thanks to VR and AR

Event planners for companies always work with people in mind. They have to do so in order to provide the best personal experiences.

So the idea of using virtual or augmented reality in these meetings has been a bit controversial for some specialists.

This technology has not yet exploded into something popular as has been expected for some time. We are not talking about something new, because many companies have been working on these devices for years, having some successes, but also many failures.

Augmented reality in particular has had several stumbles during this development, however it found its way to present itself to the public in a massive way with the launch of Pokémon Go.

When it comes to virtual reality, they use video in an “immersive” way , where the user is transported to a different world with the use of devices that will allow them to change their perspective in 360 degrees.

The creator could edit these visualizations like any other video, that way the user can look in the direction he wants and have a scene in front of his eyes.

Mixing the real world with the virtual world

The process of augmented reality is to work a parallel world by linking real world factors.

Users can still see and hear everything going on around them, but there are additional images and content displayed layered on top of the palpable reality through a smartphone, devices like Google Glass or full-fledged glasses that exist to further distract from external factors.

Speaking of Google Glass, this company saw a lot of potential in augmented reality and wanted to take it from smartphones to an accessory you could wear.

It was very popular during its launch and thus a new era for AR was born in which everyone started to get to know this technology, although soon after it had a diversion of attention.

The public turned its eyes back on AR technology with the emergence of Pokémon Go, but after a few months of shocking the world, augmented reality returned to its usual low demand.

This means that people are very receptive to this technology, but products are needed to keep it alive for it to be useful among ordinary users.

There is a product being worked on by Microsoft called HoloLens that holds a lot of promise, as does another company called Magic Leap that has yet to formally introduce its product, but has received millions of dollars in investment.

The truth is that the next generation of AR is coming on strong.

Usability #1: virtual inspections of spaces and places

There is a great opportunity where virtual reality can be used, because it makes it possible to review a physical site through “immersive” video.

We would be saying goodbye to traditional printed media such as triptychs with photos of the place, now it is possible for someone to have access to the experience of seeing it in a 360-degree image.

Imagine just giving a potential customer a VR device with a headset so they have all their senses in play.

It will give a more intimate and personal level to the presentation of the place without the need to be there.


Usability #2: events and meetings

They are already starting to be used for these cases. This technology can:

Provide additional information to participants.

It used to be done with QR codes to learn more about the event, sponsor information, sweepstakes, games, etc. But if you enable devices, you can do much more and with a more pleasant experience.

Special stations for attendees.

It would no longer be a photo booth or a space to offer refreshments. People would be more pleased to move to a space where there is a VR device to see something different.

Use the virtual image to enhance the event’s message.

This would be great for auto-related trade shows. There are virtual reality goggles that connect to accessories that are worn on the hands, so the user can relive the handling of any type of car. It is worth noting that AR and VR are not “future” technologies, because they have been evolving for years. More experimentation is needed for it to become a trend and its use to become sufficiently popular.
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