Experience your wedding in Virtual Reality

Today, thanks to technological advances, being able to capture every angle of your wedding moment is now within your reach.

For most couples, their wedding day is one of the most important moments of their lives, and as such, having every second and shot on file is a critical part of planning the ceremony.

This is possible due to 360-degree wedding videos, which have been increasingly seen through social networks, where people post images of their wedding.

This technological modality has become increasingly attractive to the public as it is not something that has been observed before.

For the bride and groom, the idea of being able to record every moment to know all the details and events of their wedding day, when they were not looking, is seductive and exciting .

Whether it’s a ceremony in a ballroom, on the beach or under the moonlight, with these videos you can have the best memories of such an important day.

Virtual reality (VR) is one of the tools that promise to make a big impact on the way wedding cinematography will be done in the near future. Although virtual reality is not new to many, it can be said that not everyone knows what is behind this technology to make it happen.

According to studies of brands related to the world of photography and cinematography, the use of VR technology has become more requested by people lately for their different events, therefore, the idea of implementing this technique in weddings is incredible and fascinating.

In addition, with this technology, couples will be able to obtain a video where they can virtually insert themselves into their wedding, thus being able to observe everything in three dimensions and in 360 degrees.

Depending on the services contracted by the bride and groom, they may have different options in which they will see different fragments of the day of their ceremony or have in detail from the beginning to the end.

And for this mechanism to work perfectly, you will need a virtual reality headset, with which people can really feel like they are inside the video.

This headset is part of a VR-capable smartphone with sensors that make it possible for you to look into every corner of the room and make you feel like you’re in space. In this way, couples will have the possibility to see in detail everything that happens on their big day, and thus take into account what went well and what could have been better, as well as being part of every second that they could not witness at the time.

As if that were not enough, nowadays, important multimedia players, such as VLC, are offering the public the facility of being able to reproduce the 360 degree videosTherefore, we can get an idea that this technology is growing more and more and in the near future it will become a recurrent and accessible method for many.

If you think this is an attractive and exciting idea, our agency Tworeality provides the service you are looking for so you can record and have your wedding at the same level of new technologies. We are able to make and develop different 3D content for your enjoyment, as well as offer the recording of any video in 360 degrees, so you can watch your wedding whenever you want and in the most advanced way.

Don’t forget, the world of technology is moving fast and every day it gives people different and great opportunities so that their experiences and the most important events of their lives can be captured and stored in the box of memories in the most real and extraordinary way.

Virtual reality and 360-degree videos in 3D format are some of today’s most interesting and eye-catching mechanisms. Don’t get left behind and incorporate new technologies in your most important days.