How augmented reality will change Apple

Tim Cook opens Apple’s doors to augmented reality

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, has hinted in multiple statements that the company’s future lies in augmented reality.

Recent rumors, coupled with the success of ARKit, are indications that Apple is betting on augmented reality development.

In addition, Cook has always shown himself to be an enthusiast of this technology.

In recent statements, the executive has hinted that work is underway to develop an augmented reality device environment that will most likely go beyond the iPhone and iPad.

Despite all this, Cook has not given any clues as to what the upcoming gadgets would look like.

It seems that, at last, the marriage between Apple and augmented reality is getting closer and closer. This is one of the few technology sectors that the company with the bitten apple still resists.

In fact, the first taste of it didn’t take place until 2017, with the inclusion of ARKit in iOS 11. This software allows to build environments for the realization of augmented reality applications for iPhone and iPad.

Essentially, this program turns Apple devices into an augmented reality lens. The Cupertino-based company’s growing interest in AR app development is likely due to the success of ARKit.



The software has been well received by augmented reality companies and agencies. Proof of this is that, in just over a year, the program has gone from version 1.0 to 1.5.

In recent statements, Cook has acknowledged that he “couldn’t be happier” with the way the community has received ARKit.

Large multinationals such as Ikea have already used ARKit to develop augmented reality applications.

The Swedish furniture and decor company launched its acclaimed ‘Ikea Place’.

This system allows the user to see, through augmented reality, how one of your products would look in a real physical environment, such as the living room, the office, the garden… And all from the screen of the iPhone or iPad.

Tim Cook: “Augmented reality is the future of the iPhone”.


Far from wanting to curb all speculation linking Apple to AR, it is Tim Cook himself who is responsible for fueling all the rumors. Apple’s chief executive has been publicly showing a special enthusiasm for augmented reality for some time.

In his own words, “Augmented reality is the future of the iPhone. I think one day we will wonder how we ever lived without it. The iPhone is the best phone to enjoy augmented reality. And the number of AR experiences will grow exponentially.”

There is a total lack of knowledge about what kind of gadget they will bring to market. The simplest is to think of some kind of augmented reality glasses.

However, there are already several similar devices on the market. In addition, in everyone’s mind there is the Google Glasses’ crash.

Given the innovative and disruptive mindset that has characterized Apple’s launches, it seems unlikely that this is the idea they have in mind. All indications are that, for now, they will continue to base their AR products on applications for their two main devices.

If there is one thing Apple has been known for, it is for not conforming and trying to have an impact on multiple aspects of our daily lives. What started as a personal computer brand, ended up revolutionizing the world of music and telephony. Seeing as there is already prior interest from Apple’s CEO himself in augmented reality, it would seem surprising that in the next few years we won’t see a new augmented reality gadget with a bitten manzanita stamped on it.


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