capacitar equipo venta realidad virtual

How to train a sales team thanks to virtual reality

All salespeople develop their own method that works, but unlearning and learning new tricks or methods is a challenge for the training or human resources team.

The hardest part will always be the dreaded “Sales Clinic” where everyone sees how well or poorly we do in front of our managers.

Thanks to virtual reality, it is possible to train salespeople and reduce anxiety and to develop training sessions with customers simulated in avatars.

We can still maintain the evaluation with questions and answers or by extracting the behavior of the measurements generated by the sensors of the glasses.

Making the most of your time

We know that time is money and even more so in sales.

Every minute well invested in effective and efficient training is multiplied into revenue.

By having collaborative spaces like Virtual Involve we can use a shared 3D screen, virtual boards, meeting rooms and avatars that reduce our fear of ridicule and stage fright.

Savings are important

And even more so at this time.

Of all the trainings, the sales training is the most expensive due to the hourly rate of the employees, the type of accommodation provided and the amenities that accompany their stay.

If we calculate the return on investment in a year – (income-expenses) / expenses x 100 – we will certainly have a value of several hundred.

The sum of all traditional expenses compared to a simulator is higher.

If we add that e-learning is more efficient, more effective and produces better adherence to knowledge, the returns are fabulous.

Shelf filling can be simulated to plan the offer

Shelf planning can be done in a very efficient way when the salesperson visits your point of display and through virtual reality defines the required assortment.

With this training, accurate sales reports are then created based on the consumption and buying habits of customers when they visit the stores.

The retailer only has to wear the glasses, look at the shelves and through IoT, and Virtual or Augmented Reality, determine what quantities to stock to keep the spaces full of available product.

This information can be collected by WiFi through reports that are taken to sales meetings to establish next steps, new goals, product replenishment, etc.

Training to know other points of view

When we are in sales, we know our method and we believe that our partner’s method is always better, but our ego prevents us from asking them.

Virtual reality allows us to cultivate interpersonal skills, to put ourselves in the place of others to learn different perspectives and generate empathy.

This leads to the necessary synergy in sales teams.

Eliminates risks

The risk of making a mistake or being frowned upon is great for a salesman who lives on his success and prestige.

In these virtual reality simulators, we can create avatar scenes in which a panel of difficult customers puts us to the test.

All this without anyone seeing how bad we did in the consultative sales process, because the process can be developed alone or if we want we can recreate the scene with real assistants through the WiFi network.

Just as it is possible to create a training to reduce phobias, it is also possible to create a training to develop consultative skills.

transformacion digital realidad virtual


Each training can be developed, corrected and augmented as needed, can be made modular and will be much more entertaining and effective than even an e-learning one.

Each module can have its own assessment and can be combined or added with all the others to create staged and graded training.

Learning from the types of buyers

Identifying the buyer’s personality is not easy when we see it in printed material, but if we “live” it in virtual reality, it will be easier to recognize it in real life.

In this way we can successfully create familiarity and empathy with our new contact, without damaging the business relationship by an incorrect approach.

This can be achieved by developing avatars that simulate different personalities to teach the salesperson what they are like, how they act and how they wish to be treated.

TwoReality, Colombia’s leading virtual reality agency

VR is a clearly growing, accessible and multipurpose technology with a lot of room for growth in Colombia, starting with the capital city.

Virtual reality companies in the country are still scarce, mainly dedicated to entertainment use and for this reason TwoReality is becoming the leading virtual reality agency in the country.

At TwoReality we have more than ten years of experience in the development of VR applications.

We have worked with major brands such as Banco Santander, Bacardi, RedBull, Reebok or Bayer, allowing us to be the main virtual reality reference in Spain.

Now, thanks to our experience and professionalism, we want to bring the great benefits of virtual reality to a society as dynamic and modern as the Colombian one.

From TwoReality we continue to create the best content and applications for different devices. Tell us about your project.