Interview in El Diario – Vídeos 360º

A 360º video consists of a real scene that is recorded in all directions and at the same time, and allows the viewer to see on his computer, or through the Google Cardboard, everything that happens around. Brands such as Coca-Cola, celebrating 100 years of bottle design, or Nike have already joined this new format of more real experiences. Such is the reception and success that, since a few months ago, 360º videos can already be viewed on Youtube, available with or without Google Cardboard. According to Google, in the future this format could be used for shopping or as a method to follow events that require a wider view by viewers.

In Two Reality for the capture of 360º videos, produced for Spanish and Italian companies, we have used several GoPro Hero Black Edition, oriented in different directions and with good results both for mobile enjoyment and virtual reality glasses.

You can read the article in which we are interviewed, published in El Diario, about 360º video recording by clicking here.

Videos recorded in 360° are characterized, mainly, by offering the user a better experience and new opportunities, since they can see everything that is happening as if they were right there, having to turn only their head to see everything around them. While these videos can be enjoyed while interacting with the mouse, what really makes the difference is through
use with the Oculus Rift
thus placing the user at the center of the scene.

What are the advantages of 360º videos?

  • Visual spectacularity.
  • Interactivity.
  • Real image.
  • Unique, different and innovative final product.

Its applications are multiple, from tours of cities, monuments, stores, to the visualization of events, products or experiences.

We leave you with different examples of solutions for 360º videos located on Youtube so you can start experimenting with the format.

Virtual tours. Monuments and cities.

Sports / Competitions.


At TwoReality we create customized 360º videos for you to generate more engagement and visibility. Experiment and add a new perspective to your customers,contact us!