New virtual glasses Cardboard 2.0

Are the new Cardboard 2.0 virtual glasses better than the old ones? Yes. Here’s why.

In the race for virtual devices, Google wants to lead the way and position itself in the market with a low-cost solution that brings virtual reality to millions of consumers. They have therefore presented the new virtual glasses Cardboard 2.0, where they have worked on new software as well as on the materials and design. Its new proposal is in line with the trend of mobile manufacturing brands to launch larger devices, up to 6″. The system is now more effective as the interaction with the content has been improved thanks to the integration of a new button that replaces the NFC magnet used until now.

The new features of Cardboard 2.0 virtual glasses:

Easier and faster to assemble. It’s a three-step process, taking just a few seconds to pop in a Nexus 6 or iPhone 6 and start trying out the different VR options included in the cardboard demo app.

Size matters. Google has made a small tweak to the design and packaging so it comes in a more compact brick like box. About 4.6 * 13.5 * 6.7 cm. What does this mean? It can now fit larger phones, such as the Nexus 6 and overall the cardboard is thicker and sturdier, with larger lenses to compensate for the larger screen diagonal.

The new button. Instead of the magnetic switch, the new one is a piece of conductive foam that functions as the main input device when using cardboard, now works with iPhone and Android. A new SDK and Cardboard application means that iOS is now fully compatible.

More quality. The new Cardboard protects the lenses when not in use thanks to the new design. A system has been designed to cover the lens and the shape of the visor itself protects the other end. Another highlight is the integration of a QR code that allows existing content to be adjusted to the new model.

Google’s software has an SDK version compatible with the iOS operating system that allows software to be developed for Cardboard on Apple devices as well. This software is available in the official Carboard app at Software App Cardboard iTunes.

At Two Reality we are always working with the newest models of virtual glasses to achieve the best experience for our users.

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