Oculus rental vs. whatever you want

Oculus rental is something that has been generating a lot of new customer acquisition lately. From our point of view we could say with a haughty tone “it’s normal, we already knew that the market would accept this value proposition.” But far from navel-gazing or thinking we are gurus, of which there are already many, the truth is that it is our own clients who, in briefing meetings, open Pandora’s box with great reflections. So, with your permission, we are going to expose some of them:

Renting Oculus vs. giving away a 2Gb USB pen?

Giving away this type of promotional gadget is worthy of an old-school marketing department. For years it has been as easy to find it in the welcome packs of many companies as it has been to lose it at the bottom of a drawer or laptop case. Gentlemen, the cloud has given a review to this type of corporate gift and if one still thinks of its great usefulness, perhaps it would be good to analyze it from a brand image point of view. “Dropbox offers a ton of free GB with multi-device connection but we’re going to kill it with this pen drive.” Better keep your idea in the pen and the pen there, in that drawer.

Oculus rental vs. a 50-inch TV screen?

This goes back a long way, you know; the bigger the better. Couple that with the fact that we are immune to screens other than those on our smartphone or tablet or that are not part of the wearable concept, and a screen of that size is just a logistical HD fuck-up. So let’s normalize the fact that they are more of a commodity in the event’s props than a brand differentiator.

Oculus rental vs. a totem? Yes, it sounds pharaonic but you can still find them at fairs…

A totem. A totem is something that we only use if…if…no. Who values a totem at an event with hundreds of people? We don’t use it. Who values a totem at an event with hundreds of people? It’s something that overlaps with the very nature of an event. Network, touch, ask, test, buy, sell or spy, but don’t stare at a screen that in most cases has worse usability than that tablet you bought in a Chinese website. We will not go into the logistical aspects because it is not necessary, right?

Oculus rental vs. bags with brochures?

The bags given out at fairs are like a lottery. Only one will win the prize and it will be the one you will use to put all the stationery you are given stand by stand inside it. At first yours truly thought the lucky one was the larger bag, but nope. It is the one that fits you by color or simply by repetition effect; everyone wears it, so I do too. Where is it distributed?

Oculus rental vs. tablets?

We are getting close to functional, let’s not kid ourselves. They are good devices for events as they allow presentations, send mails to the potential client while you dedicate your stand speach and it is agile. Problem? Yes, and one of the oldest in communication; if the client is looking at the presentation he is not listening to you and if he is listening to you he is not looking at the presentation. Ah! If we go into frivolities, there will be those who will look more closely at whether the salesman’s tablet is newer, thinner and retina than theirs.

Oculus rental vs. hostesses who provide good image but maybe not branding?

We won’t go into too much detail here, as it is a matter of taste and budget. Investing in this “line item” has a global rather than a particular effect. What do we mean? That the overall beauty of an entire motor show is more talked about than that of a specific brand.

In short; as “that one” said, if you have to go, you go, but going for the sake of going is silly. This ironic phrase contains a large dose of truth, especially if we approach it from the point of view of investments and their much desired, not not desired, but obligatory return.

If you want to rent oculus for your presentation or event, or that of your customers, if you want a totally new element to present your product, if you want your audience to experience for the first time the feeling of living virtual reality with an Oculus Rift, if you want to associate your product to the technology that companies like Facebook or Google are betting heavily and if you want the media to take your product presentation as something newsworthy (above this blog you can see the example of an event recorded by the main television media in Spain). contact us if you still want a USB Pen contact them.