100 million virtual glasses

Virtual glasses shipments will reach 100 million by 2021

The International Data Corporation (IDC) has been publishing reports related to Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies for quite some time, but a recent company publication shows us how these technologies are seen as completely viable. in the near future.
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Oculus Touch: use your hands in a virtual environment

When the Oculus Rift sparked our fascination with Virtual Reality in 2012 it was thought that this would be a merely visual medium.

People envisioned the experience it promised as an option to watch video games or movies in a more exciting and immersive way, as it would give lifelong interactions a whole new feel.

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new virtual reality

Virtual Reality Report 2016

The democratization of virtual reality began with the launch of virtual glasses Oculus Rift. Since then, other devices such as HTC Vive, PlayStation VR or Google Daydream View. The fight is served, and the avid users of each of these platforms are already devouring the respective softwares. However, it is too early to know how each of the opponents face the contest. However, a new report on Virtual Reality has clarified the enigmatic situation of an increasingly hot competition.
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Virtual reality glasses presented at the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona

LG 360 VR virtual reality glasses


LG 360 VR

The LG brand presents at the Mobile World Congress its new virtual reality viewers that communicate directly with the LG G5 mobile, which is used as a remote control to interact with different experiences.

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Fashion and virtual reality: a real revolution?

Technological innovation in the fashion world opens new scenarios and new perspectives for the clothing sector. Virtual reality applications for the fashion industry are beginning to proliferate, ranging from useful user applications, such as the virtual dressing room, to apps that, on the contrary, use the effect wow to engage and surprise the public. With this article, TwoReality, virtual reality company, He presents you some of the most important, developed by different realities in recent months.

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development of oculus applications and virtual glasses

Best computers for Oculus Rift

What are the best computers to have the perfect virtual reality experience in Oculus Rift?

A few weeks ago the company Oculus Rift published the minimum requirements to use your glasses with PC and Windows operating system. Development for Linux and Apple devices is currently on hold until the end of 2016.

If you want to start using virtual reality, the equipment you need is the following:

  • Computer with at least Windows 7 Service pack 1, with Intel Core i5-4590 quad-core processor (or AMD equivalent),
  • Graphics card that from the Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 290, 8 gigabytes of RAM (we recommend 16 gigabytes).

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hiring oculus event

Oculus rental vs what you want

Oculus rental It is something that lately generates a lot of new customer acquisition. From our point of view we could say with a haughty tone "It is normal, we already knew that the market would accept this value proposition" But far from looking at us at the navel or believing ourselves gurus, that there are already many, the truth is that it is our own clients who, in briefing meetings, open Pandora's box with great reflections. So, with your permission, we are going to expose some of them:

Oculus rental vs giving away a 2Gb USB pen?

Giving away this type of promotional gadget is worthy of an old school-anchored marketing department. For years it has been so easy to find it in the welcome packs from many companies, such as losing it in the bottom of a drawer or in the laptop bag. Gentlemen, the cloud has reviewed this type of corporate gift and if one continues to think about its great usefulness, perhaps it would be good to analyze it from a brand image point of view. "Dropbox offers a free GB porrón with multi-device connection but we are going to wipe it out with this pen drive." Better keep your idea in the pen and the pen there, in that drawer.

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training and simulations oculus samsung leap motion

Hands-free with Leap Motion Controller

The innovative Leap Motion gesture control system is here.

From this moment we have a mini kinect that allows us to interact with our hands, it is a small USB device that can be connected to the computer or directly on the front of the Oculus Rift to interpret the movements of the fingers of the hands.

If you want to experiment with the new generation of entry to virtual reality, this is your device.

Leap Motion Controller and Oculus Rift They make it possible to use your hands in VR without the need to use buttons or wear gloves.

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Top 5 uses of Oculus Rift

1. Sanitary use - Therapy with Oculus Rift

One of the examples for using Oculus Rift, Is the terminally ill therapy or those who have motor difficulties. Many of the problems of the motor apparatus can be reinforced by stimulating the brain areas. How? through repetition of exercises with Oculus Rift, which are carried out constantly, they establish new neural connections or reinforce existing ones.

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