Real estate sales thanks to Virtual Reality

One of the basic needs of the human being is to have a shelter roof and the main desire of the vast majority of people.

For those who already have one, the next step is to have a better, bigger one, in another location.

For those who think about investment, the next step is to buy with their savings a second property that produces passive income.

To the extent that these properties produce their return and pay for themselves, the person becomes a property investor and guarantees his income and retirement with this capital that he has created.

For those who buy, the challenge is the same:

find properties that are attractive to them, either because they are already finished to live there or because they are in poor condition and are cheap, so the business is to recondition them and sell them at a better price.

For those who sell, the challenge is to multiply the resources to advertise their properties, be available to visit with the potential client and have time available to do all the paperwork that results from their activity.

The hours or the spaces do not reach for some nor for others.

The saturation of advertising and options is so great that sellers and buyers are flooded with options and cannot visit all the available sites.

Virtual Reality to sell apartments.

We have in mind that we must touch, feel, smell, savor every decision before buying and this is part of satisfying the needs.

The same happens with the purchase of real estate: we want to "measure" the room, the size of the social areas, imagine if our kitchen utensils are going to look good and especially if we are going to have the space we want.

Our five senses require being, touching, seeing, smelling to understand if we like what we see.

Taking advantage of virtual reality with glasses, we can be there, experiment, size, measure, in the same way that we do visiting the site, with an enormous advantage: we do not have to move from our site.

Today we have an advance with the 360 videos that allow us to see the property, but we cannot feel the space.

VR allows us to have the complete vision adding the experience of being there.

Is it the same as going to the property?

It is better, because the experience is exciting.

Wearing the glasses and feeling somewhere else - while the mind knows it is still where it was - is a feeling that connects the buyer with the moment of sale.

On the other hand, it is faster because the wearer of the glasses decides where to go, how much time to spend in each room and whether or not he wants to end the visit without wasting much time.

The seller does not spend time going to the site, waiting for the buyer, making the visit and then returning to his office, deciding to go only to those properties that the buyer has already left in his finalists.

Am I going to spend more when I buy that technology?

You really are going to spend less: less time commuting, less fuel, less hours in traffic, less time in empty waiting times.

The same number of vendors we have today is going to be twice as productive for the aforementioned savings.

All this without counting the savings in frustrations by clients who do not have the budget, do not know exactly what to buy or who are disappointed with each visited property, which turns off the energy of the seller.

How is virtual reality incorporated and what devices are required?

Only 360 filming of the properties that want to be published and an application (Android or iOS) that host them or directly with the YouTube channel is required.

Cardboard or plastic glasses (with your SmartPhone) or virtual reality glasses (without the need for a SmartPhone) can be used to view the content.

Photos of the exterior of the property are also taken so that the passer-by sees the traditional notice, photographs it from the application and thus can make the tour of what was previously filmed without entering the site.

What happens during a virtual "visit"?

The interested party uses the virtual reality glasses, select the property and start the visit from the door.

The tour is interactive and you can select which sector to visit, in which direction and in the order you prefer.

Another way to do it is in the Smartphone application, where you can see a 360 tour, if you do not have cardboard or plastic glasses.

Luxury real estate

In the most expensive segment, it is very difficult to get the interested party to make a visit, not only because of their limited time, but due to the distance and security aspects.

When the client completes his selection from the comfort of home or office, due to the result of his preferences we will have a better idea of ​​his preferred location, size, internal distribution of the property and even the budget he has available.

In this way, customers from anywhere in the world can visit the real estate with virtual reality without moving from their remote places, saving time, money and maximizing their own time and that of the sales team.

The sales team will dedicate time to the required visits of the finalist properties, instead of the investment of time that is currently required.

Why is it better to make virtual visits?

Thanks to VR we are going to provide the client with a tool that will change their perspective since we take them to live an experience, rather than take them on a visit.

This tool is available simultaneously anywhere in the world because it is only required to download an application and have a pair of easily attainable glasses.

The content can be easily added and changed, also remotely.

Through this means we can reach a greater number of people, at any distance and without time limitations, even avoiding the expense of travel and accommodation for clients from other countries interested in buying their home or investing.

Another advantage is that sellers have time counted and must maximize it.

Thanks to the VR they will be able to make the visits that will really have the highest effectiveness rate.

An extra benefit is that thanks to the application we will be able to know which properties are the most visited, how long the person spent on the visit, how many people saw the same property and much more information available.

Will it have better results?

This is a unique experience.

Being able to interact in a new way with the properties, quickly making many visits and being able to find the most interested clients is an immediate return on investment.

Real Estate Fairs with Virtual Reality

It is even possible to build a virtual fair.

There are also many benefits, savings and utilities of making a real estate event virtually.

It is not the same to tell the description of the property as to make the client experience them directly without going there.

It is fun for the family and the experience is immersive and unforgettable.

In summary, Virtual or Augmented Reality applied to floors is not only novel, impressive because of how real virtual can be, but it has almost infinite use.

Dedicating a budget to VR is not an expense.

All the resulting material remains as permanent use for customers and vendors and makes our work more efficient and easy.

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