• RBA Augmented Reality Interactive Game

    Color the templates in your own way with the characters from the collection of stories and figures.

The first application that allows children to bring their drawings to life

Category:  Augmented Reality Interactive Game

Client: RBA

Location:  Barcelona

Year: 2017

Experience: Augmented Reality App devoted to the youngest: My zoo animals, the first app that allows children to give life to their drawings. All you have to do is color the animals on the pages and point with your mobile or tablet’s camera to see the previously coloured, three-dimensional and animated characters appear.

Hardware: Tablet/Smartphone – IOS / Android

realidad aumentada two reality

User Interface

Design of the user interface of the Augmented Reality app for zoo animals. For this purpose, we have worked on all the interaction buttons and help menus considering the children to whom this product is addressed.

Augmented Reality

The app allows the youngers to see zoo animals through a Smartphone or tablet as if these were in their living room at home. However, with a new feature, the animals will have the colors with which they were painted in the RBA collectible.

3D Contents

The collection includes 60 animals, of which only the Lion, kangaroo, penguin, chimpanzee and giraffe will come to life in 3D. It is available in Spain, UK, Italy and Portugal, so the app has been developed in the appropriate languages.

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