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Real estate sales thanks to Virtual Reality

One of the basic needs of human beings is to have a roof over their heads and the main desire of the vast majority of people.

For those who already have one, the next step is to have a better, bigger one in another location.

For those who are thinking about investment, the next step is to buy a second property with their savings that will produce passive income.

To the extent that these properties produce their yield and pay for themselves, the individual becomes a real estate investor and guarantees his income and retirement with this capital he has created.

For buyers, the challenge is the same:

find properties that are attractive to them, either because they are already finished to live there or because they are in poor condition and are cheap, then the business is to refurbish them and sell them at a better price.

For those who sell, the challenge is to multiply the resources to advertise their properties, to be available to go to the visit with the potential client and to have time available to be able to do all the paperwork that results from their activity.

There is not enough time or space for one or the other.

The saturation of advertising and options is such that sellers and buyers are inundated with options and cannot visit all available sites.

inmuebles realidad virtual 360 pisos

Virtual Reality to sell apartments.

We have in our minds that we must touch, feel, smell, taste and savor every decision before buying and this is part of satisfying needs.

The same happens with the purchase of real estate: we want to “measure” the room, the size of the social areas, imagine if our kitchen utensils are going to look good and especially if we are going to have the space we want.

Our five senses need to be, touch, see and smell to understand if we like what we see.

By taking advantage of virtual reality with a pair of glasses, we can be there, experiment, size, measure, in the same way we do it by visiting the site, with a huge advantage: we don’t have to move from our place.

Today we have a breakthrough with 360 videos that allow us to see the property, but we cannot feel the space.

VR allows us to have the full view by adding the experience of being there.

Is it the same as going to the real estate?

It’s better, because the experience is exciting.

Wearing the glasses and feeling like you are somewhere else – while the mind knows you are still where you were – is a sensation that connects the buyer to the moment of sale.

On the other hand, it is faster because the user of the glasses decides where to go, how much time to spend in each room and to know if he wants to finish the visit or not without wasting too much time.

The seller does not spend time going to the site, waiting for the buyer, making the visit and then returning to his office, deciding to go only to those properties that the buyer has already left in his finalists.

inmuebles realidad virtual 360 pisos aumentada

Am I going to spend more by purchasing this technology?

You will actually spend less: less time commuting, less fuel, less hours in traffic, less time in empty waiting times.

The same number of vendors we have today will be twice as productive because of the savings mentioned above.

Not to mention the savings in frustration due to clients who don’t have the budget, don’t know exactly what to buy or are disappointed with every property they visit, which saps the energy of the salesperson.

How is virtual reality incorporated and what devices are required?

All that is required is the 360 filming of the properties to be published and an application (Android or iOS) to host them or directly with the youtube channel.

Cardboard or plastic glasses (with your SmartPhone) or virtual reality glasses (no SmartPhone required) can be used to view the content.

Photos are also taken of the exterior of the property so that the passerby can see the traditional sign, photograph it from the application and thus can take a tour of what was previously filmed without entering the site.

What happens during a virtual “visit”?

The interested party uses the virtual reality glasses, selects the property and starts the visit from the door.

The tour is interactive and you can select which sector to visit, in which direction and in the order you prefer.

Another way to do this is on the Smartphone app, where you can see a 360 tour, if you don’t have the cardboard or plastic glasses.

Luxury real estate

In the most expensive segment, it is very difficult to get the interested party to travel for a visit, not only because of limited time, but also because of distance and security issues.

When the client finalizes his selection from the comfort of his home or office, by the result of his preferences we will have a better idea of his preferred location, size, internal distribution of the property and even the budget he has available.

In this way, customers from anywhere in the world can visit the properties with virtual reality without leaving their remote locations, saving time, money and maximizing the time of the sales team and themselves.

The sales team will spend time on the required visits to finalist properties, rather than the time investment currently required.

Why is it better to make virtual tours?

Thanks to VR, we will provide the customer with a tool that will change their perspective as we take them to live an experience, rather than take them on a visit.

This tool is available simultaneously anywhere in the world because it only requires downloading an application and having a pair of easy-to-reach glasses.

The content can be added and changed easily, also from remote.

By this means we can reach a larger number of people, at any distance and without time constraints, even avoiding the expense of travel and accommodation for customers from other countries interested in buying a home or investing.

Another advantage is that salespeople have time on their hands and must maximize it.

Thanks to VR you will be able to make the visits that are really going to have the highest rate of effectiveness.

An extra benefit is that thanks to the application we will be able to know which properties are the most visited, how much time the person spent on the visit, how many people saw the same property and much more information available.

Will it have better results?

This is a unique experience.

Being able to interact in a new way with the properties, quickly make many visits and be able to find the most interested customers is an immediate return on investment.

inmuebles realidad virtual 360 pisos aumentada vr

Real estate fairs with Virtual Reality

It is even possible to set up a virtual fair.

There are also many benefits, savings and utilities of doing a real estate event virtually.

It is not the same to tell the description of the property as it is to make the client experience it directly without going there.

It is fun for the family and the experience is immersive and unforgettable.

In summary, Virtual or Augmented Reality applied to apartments is not only novel, impressive because of how real the virtual can be, but it has an almost infinite use.

Dedicating a budget to VR is not an expense.

All the resulting material remains as permanent use for customers and vendors and makes our work more efficient and easier.

From TwoReality we continue to create the best content and applications for different devices. Tell us about your project.