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Sale of industrial machinery with augmented reality

In recent years, new technologies have revolutionized virtually all industrial processes.

Tools such as Big Data, robotics, the Internet of Things or machine learning have led to the birth of Industry 4.0.

Augmented reality (AR) is one of the technologies that has enabled this evolution.

It is a very versatile tool, allowing the development of applications in a wide range of fields.

Its use is widespread in sectors such as video games, entertainment and social networks. However, augmented reality can also be used augmented reality.

Thanks to its versatility, AR is a fantastic tool for potential buyers to visualize the machines they want to purchase. In addition, the RA enables customer loyalty by offering a quality technical service.

Therefore, augmented reality is perfectly adapted to the needs of the industrial sector.

The sale of industrial machinery has always been a process with certain difficulties.

The products are usually very bulky and heavy. It is therefore very difficult to show them in detail to potential buyers without them having to travel.

In addition, they tend to be high-priced products.

For this reason, customers want to know that what they are buying will fit their needs and the space they have available in their factory or workshop.

On the other hand, it can be difficult to make the sale of industrial machinery an eye-catching process.

Given their purely functional nature, there are few ways to make one brand stand out from the others, beyond lowering prices and improving product performance.

However, augmented reality allows us to create interactive experiences that surprise buyers and convince them to close the deal with us.

realidad aumentada maquinaria industrial

AR is an exceptional technology for creating interactive and surprising experiences.

Therefore, it allows the buyer to interact with our products in a unique way.

In addition, such applications are cost-effective and easy to implement.

In fact, in many occasions it is enough to have a smartphone to be able to realize a whole immersive experience in augmented reality.

Customers, for example, can have a 3D model of industrial machinery on the screen of their cell phone.

This representation allows them to see both the exterior and the interior of the product.

In this way, trust is generated and the purchase is facilitated. In addition, thanks to AR, they can also visualize industrial machinery directly in their factory or workshop.

Thanks to augmented reality applications, they simply have to focus their cell phone camera on the place where they want to install the machinery to see how the product will look.

This allows users to choose the machinery that best suits their needs and the space they have available.

Another advantage of augmented reality is that it is very intuitive and easy to use.

In many cases, a smartphone is all that is needed to offer customers an AR application.

Since smartphones are a very common product with which we are all familiar, training salespeople to master this type of application is particularly quick and easy.

Also, given their versatility, augmented reality tools offer many other types of functionalities.

For example, communication with customers remotely or the possibility of sending them the product catalog so that they can use the augmented reality experience augmented reality.

RA for customer loyalty

As we have already seen, augmented reality has multiple utilities to facilitate the sales process of industrial machinery.

However, this technology also makes it easier to build customer loyalty.

First of all, with RA you can offer them high quality remote technical support.

In this way, the company offers a better service and saves, in many cases, the travel expenses of the technicians.

Secondly, because augmented reality can also be used for training to reduce the risk of injury to workers handling the industrial machinery we have sold.

Thanks to AR, workers can interact with 3D models of our products.

In these simulators, they can learn all the details of the operation of each machine.

In addition, these types of applications can also offer additional training materials, such as videos or interactive infographics.

RA, therefore, significantly reduces the risk of an accident.

Finally, augmented reality applications augmented reality.

As more and more of these types of products are becoming more connected, the AR allows status readings to be taken of their operation.

Thus, machinery performance diagnostics can be obtained in real time, as well as detecting errors or maintenance failures.

This functionality guarantees the optimal operation of our industrial machinery and, consequently, the satisfaction of our customers.

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