Samsung Gear VR arrives in Spain

If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 you are in luck. Finally, you can try virtual reality on your phone.

From February 20, the Samsung Gear VR will be available in Spain for fans of virtual technology.

After the flood of reservations the virtual reality glasses are available again at a recommended price of 249 euros.

Samsung Gear VR
are an add-on only for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phone, rumors of its use in the Galaxy 5 have been ruled out mainly because the screen density falls short for virtual reality.

The strength of the glasses is that they do not require a computer to operate and also have a powerful image resolution.

However, the experience without sound leaves the virtual reality a little decaffeinated, for this reason we offer an adaptable headset, to the only terminal, which allows us to fully immerse ourselves in the virtual experience.

The field of view is marked by the internal walls of the device itself, 96 degrees, and has a focal adjustment for those users who suffer from myopia or hyperopia.

How to adapt the Samsung Gear to the Galaxy Note 4.

The first thing to do is to insert the phone into the Samsung Gear VR goggles. If it is the first time, you download an application from the Oculus App Store, where you will find content, new experiences, games and everything related to interact with virtual reality.

Among the applications available, the possibility of recording your own contents and viewing them in Full HD format, as if you were in a movie theater, stands out.

Once the phone is inserted, the device detects the recognition of the glasses and the connection to the virtual interface is established.

To navigate and move through the menus, there are controls located on the side of the virtual glasses.

The Samsung Gear VR do not carry batteries or cables, they are powered solely by the battery provided by the phone.

In addition to the glasses, the package includes a 16 Gigabyte micro SD card with pre-loaded content, 360-degree videos and 3D movie trailers. It also includes a Game Pad as a complement to improve interaction and play with greater precision.

To conclude, virtual reality does not have a specific product, but continues to experiment and improve practical uses in order to move towards real interactivity. The implementation of Samsung GearVR has been done in conjunction with Oculus developers , so we expect the Oculus virtual reality glasses to reach the Spanish market soon.