Advantages of virtual reality for SMEs

How virtual reality can help in reducing pollution

The Virtual Showroom – [Guía Completa]

Sale of industrial machinery with augmented reality

Real estate sales thanks to Virtual Reality

How Google Maps will implement augmented reality in our daily lives

Google introduces new augmented reality features for Google Maps, one of its flagships.

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Large companies already use virtual reality for employee training

Multinationals using virtual reality for employee training and education

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Augmented reality retail

Augmented reality retail

The end of testers is closer than you think…thanks to augmented reality.

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Journalism in the virtual world

The virtual world has been growing more and more, and different companies have brought out various tools for users to experience the technology in a more real and closer way.

In 2003, a video game called Second Life, which allows the participation of several people at the same time online, was launched. This video game has grown rapidly and millions of people are currently using it.
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The advantages of using augmented reality in packaging

Augmented reality (AR) is a tool that is being used more and more frequently.

Guide to the use of technology in companies: the best uses for virtual reality

Despite not yet meeting mass use, the interest in virtual reality or VR is present in consumers. There are Oculus Rift models that are ranking among the top sellers in online marketplaces.
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Sneakers, Google’s new patent for virtual reality

Google has filed a patent for a product specifically for virtual reality.

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Experience your wedding in Virtual Reality

Today, thanks to technological advances, being able to capture every angle of your wedding moment is now within your reach.

For most couples, their wedding day is one of the most important moments of their lives, and as such, having every second and shot on file is a critical part of planning the ceremony.

This is possible due to 360-degree wedding videos, which have been increasingly seen through social networks, where people post images of their wedding.

This technological modality has become increasingly attractive to the public as it is not something that has been observed before.

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Virtual Reality in education

Virtual reality is an increasingly common tool in the classroom.

According to a recent report by Common Sense Media,
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Virtual Reality and Architecture

Realidad Virtual y arquitectura son dos conceptos que juntos ofrecen mucha rentabilidad y ahorro de costes. El potencial que ofrece esta nueva tecnología a un sector que vuelve a activarse poco a poco, sobre todo por el interés de grupos inversores en nuestro país, es agilizar los costes y las formas de presentación de proyectos de arquitectura a potenciales clientes. La realidad virtual se posiciona como elemento estratégico para el sector inmobiliario y construcción a la hora de buscar inversores. La posibilidad de reproducir espacios con gafas virtuales con Oculus Rift, Carboard o las gafas de Samsung ofrece un visión totalmente real de aquello que se va a construir o comprar. Ofrecer solución tecnológica exacta, a la part que impresionante, a la demanda de un mercado altamente exigente y receloso de operaciones que no alcancen sus objetivos de acabado o rentabilidad.

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