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    360º Virtual Reality Video

Local network using two 360 cameras placed in two different operating rooms – real-time content.

Category: Streaming Video 360 8K

Client: University Hospital

Year: 2020

Experience: Streaming 8K 360 for VR Glasses and Desktop

Hardware: Oculus GO, Desktop

Two Reality has developed a 360 streaming system in virtual reality and this is the latest project realized in 8K.

We have created a local network using 2 360 cameras placed in two different operating rooms that send the content in real time.

We used a live audio and video guidance system that allowed groups of 80 nurses and surgeons to jointly experience being in the operating room immersively during gastroscopies.

We connected viewers with Oculus GO goggles on a local gigabit network.

We have created the management software and the connection to the streaming server and managed all with StudioVisio and VisualPro360.

360° live broadcasting is a complex and challenging activity, from several technical points of view.

It’s not a normal 360 video, like the one we did for Europa FM for example.

On this occasion, the experience has allowed us to understand how to optimize the server-side distribution phase.

We are now ready to expand to larger event scales.

A 360 video of this type is perfect for first-hand experience of distance learning and training, virtual events or trade fairs, product presentations or live concerts.

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