The best virtual reality simulators for events and companies

Virtual reality is a sector that continues to grow.

Recently, new simulators have been developed for companies and agencies that offer experiences that maximize the sensations offered by virtual reality glasses.

Virtual reality motion platforms allow the user to enter a much more immersive environment than typical VR controllers, while eliminating the feeling of motion sickness.

With the KAT Walk and Virtuix Omni simulators, the user can move and walk in virtual reality environments without the need for controllers.

Its high price may be an obstacle to its purchase.

However, renting these virtual reality simulators is a great option to enjoy the most intense VR experiences.

The KAT Walk system uses an omnidimensional treadmill that allows the user to walk, run and even crouch within the virtual environment to provide a highly immersive experience.


KAT Walk


Created by the Chinese company Kat VR, it has a safety anchor (it can support up to 100 kilograms of weight) that offers total freedom of movement at 360º and eliminates the sensation of dizziness, which is sometimes experienced with glasses.

In addition, KAT Walk has an extensive catalog of games and applications.

To date, KAT VR has developed 15 games and more than 20 industrial applications.

It is also compatible with more than 40 Steam games and PlayStation4 virtual reality devices.

For their part, the guys at Virtuix have developed the Omni.


Virtuix Omni


This is another virtual reality motion platform that offers highly immersive VR experiences free of motion sickness.

The Omni also allows the user to move around the virtual environment by using their legs.

Unlike the KAT Walk, the Omni lacks a safety anchor.

Instead, this device has a ring that goes around the user’s waist and from which the user hangs thanks to a special harness.

This ring is filled with motion sensors to capture rotation and direction, while the omnidirectional tape only captures the amount of displacement.

Thanks to this dual system, the Omni has unprecedented precision of movement, although the absence of a safety anchor prevents the player from bending down.

In addition, Virtuix complements its Omni with a catalog of more than 16 games fully compatible with the simulators.



Virtual reality rental, the most recommended option.

Despite all the advantages offered by both the KAT Walk and the Omni, there are several details that make their purchase not entirely advisable.

Thus, renting these VR simulators stands out as the best option to maximize the quality of the VR experience and minimize its drawbacks.

Both devices are bulky and expensive.

All this without taking into account that virtual reality goggles, which are necessary to complement the motion platforms, are not included with the purchase of these products.

In short, both the KAT Walk and the Omni are two excellent products capable of greatly enhancing the user’s virtual reality experience.

However, it should be noted that they are not affordable for all budgets, nor do they fit the space available in all living rooms.

Today, these systems shine especially in non-domestic and more specialized environments, such as game rooms, virtual reality events or team building sessions for companies.

Both provide information such as how many players have used it during the event and the average time of each experience.

In addition, it also indicates which games are the most played and shows a ranking of all players.

For these reasons, and until developers are able to adapt their products for home use, renting virtual reality motion platforms is undoubtedly the best option.

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