The reasons why we would love Virtual Reality

Since last year, Virtual Reality came to our daily life, thanks to the big technology companies. Video games, smart glasses and more are going to continue to be seen throughout 2017, and according to rumors, smartphones will also have VR qualities.

This technology will be evolving little by little, taking huge steps to position itself in the hands of electronics lovers. For those who do not know exactly what Virtual Reality is, it is simply the sensation of being inside a place with real objects or scenes, without being real.

The person can live, through technology, an almost real experience with images that are generated by a computer.

When using a Virtual Reality viewer in a video game, you are in the middle of the environment without looking at a screen, but you are inside the place.

The user does not need to move physically, but performs the movements with a control or a remote control, which is responsible for performing them virtually.

Benefits of Virtual Reality

Little by little we will see how the technology, in terms of Virtual Reality, will come to our hands, literally. Can you imagine cars, phones and TVs working with VR in your everyday life? So now is the time to take advantage of the benefits that Virtual Reality can offer to your life or your business:

Sensory immersion is a rule

The world should already be ready to offer full sensory immersion, because of how the Internet has facilitated it.

Virtual reality blurs the boundaries between the real and imaginary worlds. So imagine entering a clothing store, from the comfort of your room; or getting to know the city you’ve always wanted from the kitchen of your home. Well, it is possible. Virtual Reality allows the realization of this kind of things, due to the stimulation of senses, which goes far beyond sound, sight, touch and smell. Therefore, sensory immersion is necessary.


Will virtual social networks really begin to exist?

We already know the common social networks, but could you imagine a truly virtual social network? You would achieve face-to-face interaction, virtually, but almost real. A bit confusing, isn’t it? Facebook “touches” would become real, likes on Instagram would be different, and even resting next to another person, virtually but for real and without leaving home. Virtual Reality makes interactions easier and smoother than on other platforms.

Imagine logging into Instagram and being able to see all your followers together, instead of just looking at pictures. Many will think that this could happen in the very distant future, but technology flies faster than time, so who knows if we will be able to test it this year.


Easy to learn

If you have knowledge in Social Media, you can make it a little easy or rather, not so difficult, but it is totally different from what exists today. So we would have to talk about education, because Virtual Reality allows businesses to grow even faster than they do today with social networks. How about seeing if the color of that blouse would look good on you? Virtual Reality applications could change the world, in terms of learning, as this technology can increase business productivity and flexibility. The owners or managers of a business or company might even try to train their employees, using VR.


Different moments can be created

Whether we are talking about tourism or business, customers may or may not feel comfortable with the visits they make virtually. Disney parks could show what their next attraction would look like to potential investors. And to this we come to the point of engineering, you could give a virtual experience in dangerous places for employees, and use it in a positive way as prevention or implement some form of drills through Virtual Reality.


Of course, if we are talking about a cutting-edge technology, such as Virtual Reality, we would have to talk about costs. But that is why it is currently being implemented so that it is accessible to many people on a daily basis. Perhaps the first brand or brands that want to show it, as they did with smart watches, will do so at a slightly high price, but the idea is to make it available to many and thus achieve a virtual world, bringing people around the world much closer together. In addition, Virtual Reality devices will gradually become compatible with industry, making life easier for individuals and businesses. So far, these are the most important points to touch on Virtual Reality, but there will undoubtedly be many more to come. We want her in our lives!