The virtual reality revolution in high street shopping

The way fashion is presented is often very innovative and creative, while the sales process is always the same: you go to a store, choose a couple of garments, try them on and then pay for the ones you decide to take home.

However, there is the potential for things to be done in a simpler, more “modern” way .

We talk about store visits, dealing with saleswomen and long lines to cancel, are about to disappear.

It looks like high street retailers will become a thing of the past in the years to come. Virtual reality has even revolutionized the way we shop.

If you ask the experts, they will say that it was about time that a new way of acquiring products emerged that was not so traditional and monotonous.

In a world that is constantly changing, this seems to be the solution to a situation that, although not presented as a problem, is a tedious activity.

In the not too distant future (year 2050according to experts) large retail stores will cease to exist because most of the purchases can be made with the help of technology, through an application and with the simple use of virtual reality glasses or helmets.

It is an idea that seeks to optimize the commercialization process, and in which people will be able to purchase their products from the comfort of their homes.

The whole procedure is simplified and the experience produces satisfactory results. This is how the future looks like in the world of shopping, where the environments are personalized according to the mood and the assistants know perfectly well what we are looking for and offer it to us as a first choice.

Augmented reality, personalized delivery with the use of drones, and artificial intelligence assistants will undoubtedly completely revolutionize the way we shop.

Virtual reality and fashion

Buying new clothes is no longer a problem because it is no longer necessary to travel to the store.

Measuring clothes in virtual reality fitting rooms and receiving advice from artificially intelligent store assistants will be the new way to revamp your closet.

Delivery works the way the retail giant Amazon is currently working, with the help of drones that drop off packages at your doorstep: the most important thing is convenience.

Experts in the field assure that the great impact of virtual reality glasses and the use of this technology in the commercial world will soon be seen.

They predict a “fourth industrial revolution” where some three technologies (digital, biological and physical) will join traditional purchasing.

Some of the features that are likely to be appreciated as virtual reality shopping becomes the “latest trend” include:


  • Virtual reality headsetsthat measure your mood and state of mind in the ambiance and lighting of a virtually created store
  • Immersive experiences that also include the following products
  • Artificial intelligence shopping assistants that know users’ tastes and preferences and even anticipate purchases
  • Holographic shows and events in unprecedented venues

As you can see, artificial intelligence and virtual reality have a big space occupied in the business world.

Whoever owns a company and is not willing to give in to both, cannot envision himself as successful in the future.

Fortunately, TwoReality specializes in developing any type of virtual content, including 3D virtual reality software and applications and 360º videos.

The best thing is that virtual reality applied to sales not only works for clothing stores but also for grocery stores and other supplements.

Whatever the industry, with TwoReality it is possible to develop innovative and attractive material for customers.

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