Top 5 uses of Oculus Rift

1. Health care use – Oculus Therapy

One of the examples for the use of Oculus Rift, is therapy with terminally ill patients or those with motor difficulties.

Many of the problems of the motor apparatus can be reinforced by stimulating brain areas.

How? through the repetition of exercises with virtual reality glasses, which, when performed constantly, establish new neuronal connections or reinforce existing ones.

The video shows the experience of VR glasses technology on an elderly woman with terminal cancer.

Their reactions are very emotional and express the emergence of virtual reality therapy without leaving home.

2. Tourism Sector – Quest for excellence and innovation

Oculus are making a strong entry into the tourism sector.

Travel agencies offer the possibility of virtually visiting vacation destinations with the use of the Oculus.

Virtual reality makes it possible to transport the customer to his or her relaxation destination and help make the final decision.

The different locations have been previously recorded with special cameras to show the environment and its characteristics in maximum detail.

The video shows with great realism what it would be like to spend a honeymoon in Hawaii with the use of VR glasses.

3. Fashion Sector – Events

One of the most well-known uses of the Oculus is the incorporation of the technology for promotional purposes.

For this we highlight the event held by Top Shop, in which users could go to the physical store and through the Oculus be transported to the catwalk of the London Fashion Week that started that week.

4. Real Estate – Architecture

Virtual reality is also present in the real estate sector.

The user can make an immersive experience through a virtual tour, offering life to the houses, both outside and inside.

Oculus allows to execute all kinds of tours, visits or long walks interacting with objects at the level of color and movement.

All of this is designed to attract real estate developers who want to sell or rent, facilitate project decision making and promote the use of Oculus as a marketing tool within the real estate sector.

5. Education Sector – Teaching

Virtual reality is also being used by educational centers in their curricula.

Currently there are many centers that introduce virtual reality in their curricula, to provide young people with new tools that can awaken their interest in this technology.

Digital schools that are incorporating the Oculus Goggles into their curriculum are providing a breakthrough in teaching and initiating the transformation of educational systems.