virtual events

Virtual Events

Day by day we have less time, some limitations sometimes self-imposed or sometimes we have less budget, although the desire and intentions of going to an event remain intact.

Distances or the desire to stay home mean that seeing your favorite character or attending a show is postponed indefinitely and yet the youngest enter a virtual event without training or explanations. Thanks to virtual reality we can now go to the event without leaving home.

En TwoReality We have been connecting real users with virtual worlds for ten years, delivering unique experiences and helping companies to do business in a different way.

And where is the public?

An event is supposed to be for the public to pay a ticket and then attend the concert, however, in the virtual world we do not meet.

"Really" no, but we still find ourselves in a common space that has been modeled in 3D and that has avatars representing the attendees, the officials who attend the event and the artist's support staff.

In the virtual events, people enter the place after registering, approach the stage where the artist will be and sit in a place that can be located in the same arrangement of a traditional theater.

That would be the classic way for those more traditional,

Although the artist could also come from outer space and present himself emerging from a bubble that emerges from within the public that has embarked on a journey from outer space to see his artist.

The possibilities are endless.

virtual event

The physical and business structure can be brought to the virtual event

The stage, the chairs, the ceilings and walls, the access walkways to the event and even the sale of tickets can be brought into the virtual world as we know it.

Thanks to the 3d modeling it is possible to position screens and chairs so that the public has the same visibility as in a traditional theater to make the public feel the same as in real life.

It is so real that you can even take virtual snack sites, live video conferences by streaming 360 or prerecorded; The only limitation is defined by the hardware on which you want to attend the event.

How do I present a real artist in a virtual world?

It is possible to broadcast a presentation or concert live using 360º streaming.

For this, there are cameras on stage that broadcast the artist live and send the signal over the internet, so that all visitors, regardless of their location, can see the presentation as if they were in front of their artist, which is almost impossible when attending a "real" event.

Entrance tickets

In the virtual events you can also buy and sell; in this way we can sell the tickets in the same way that we do in the real world;

For this, an interface with the payment gateway is defined and through it we can make the registration of purchase and sale, as well as the registration of attendees.

It is important for many organizers and even for the artists themselves, to know how their clients and fans think and feel, so it is possible to follow the steps of the visitor through the platform and their visits to the different stands, how long has it been in each one and how was his journey.

From there we can extract trend information that will allow us to better attract our customers and give visitors and fans what they are looking for, rather than trial and error to come up with the answers.

Interaction and consumption

In the virtual events that TwoReality has created very strongly in recent months.

We managed to have concert venues, music rooms, large hotels, stands with event sponsors where you can interact with the exhibitor, establish contacts for the future and buy their products in a real way.

In this way we manage to have permanent electronic commerce, not only during the event but throughout the 24 hours, delivering the electronic products immediately and activating the deliveries of the physical products, which allows us to perfectly plan logistics, inventories and cash flow.

Where do virtual events work?

There are several possibilities, almost always in the cloud.

En TwoReality We usually work with the most robust cloud storage providers, although the client may decide to host it on their own servers, with an application developed exclusively for them or not.

This platform can be installed indefinitely (and the cloud provider is paid according to the space and time used) or it can be dismounted upon completion.

Virtual events: connection with products and services.

Un virtual event It can be presented within your traditional business or gaming platform;

In this way it is possible to attract visitors to the event from the same place where we have users, with the real database or increase it through new visitors brought in from other platforms on which we advertise.

It is necessary to create a space in that modern channel that we use today and display the event as if it were one of our products that the customer buys but instead of taking it from the store or sending it to his home, we make it enter our space to enjoy the concert.

From TwoReality We continue to create the best content and applications for different devices. Tell us about your project.