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How to organize an event or virtual fair

Fairs are a great way to advertise services and products.

Especially if it is a union that comes together to group clients from various segments who have the possibility of visiting many suppliers in a short period of time.

On the other hand, all the logistics of renting a large space and organizing the large sessions common to the union must be done,

with sessions separated by topics related to certain groups.

Attendees should be made to travel, often to a destination far from home,

with which they spend three or four days between airports, hotels, transfers.

Both advertisers and visitors will be aware of their customers,

of conference calls or face-to-face meetings that are unavoidable.

This leaves them away from the booths and the conferences, which means that the objective of visiting the fair is lost.

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The virtual fairs Made with Virtual Reality, they can bring sellers and buyers closer together in an immersive setting.

This allows them to experience products far beyond a catalog, a photo, or view them on a computer screen.

The suppliers of machinery of large size cannot allow the transfer of their equipment and if possible,

the available space does not allow its installation either.

However, thanks to Virtual Reality, it is possible for people to drive a mining vehicle by themselves,

Operate a machine or go see what happens in a large manufacturing machine.

It is a novel mechanism that will allow your customers to experience the products in a fun way,

that will leave a much higher memory than a talk and a catalog.

Virtual fairs: better than renting a conference room?

When the event takes place in a room, at most we can have the list of clients who signed up, because the restrictions of Habeas Data and GDPR prevent personal information from being shared.

On the other hand, attendees roam the halls and stands, many of them without a defined objective, without a specific route and almost always remain without seeing those most interesting providers because their spaces are always full.

The second place to approach customers turns out to be conferences, which are usually full of curious people who want to know about something new and those potential buyers are left without entering.

Thanks to virtual reality, these same meetings can be held, with a huge number of visitors;

everyone can listen and see the speaker exclusively through the web, on their computer or on their cell phone, as a spectator in the conference room.

To access the material, to see the products and to contact the advertisers, it is necessary to register in the conference tool or in an application.

In this way we always have control of the attendees, we know who entered and who left without having to use WiFi or RFID technology that is only for one use.

The advertiser will have control over who has registered at virtual fairs, who will enter the separate sessions and who have visited each stand.

Whenever we do an event, we must invite 1000 people, of whom 500 confirm and 250 of them attend with the 4: 1 rule.

In rural areas of India, families in charge of a blind minor frequently isolate and deprive him/her of the care and attention they provide to their other children; such situation becomes even more severe among lower-caste families, orphans and if the blind child is a girl. virtual fairsWe can save the confirmation and reconfirmation step by phone through a CallCenter and we can operate the logistics from our computer to improve attendance.

It has a return on investment and a return on

positive marketing?

virtual fairs

In the organization of a fair it is desirable to have a return of at least 25% in profits and for them we must guarantee that we will have at least fifteen orders.

If we think about the sales funnel, to have this amount of income, we should have found at the fair about 150 prospects that are going to mature in the following weeks.

This means that we must work hard to speak to many assistants who lead us to those prospects.

When we do a virtual fair, we know that those who enter the conferences and those who use the applications are people interested in our services and products instead of all the curious who pass by the stand.

The investment in RV can be the same or much less than in a fair.

The advantage is that we have full control of the list of attendees, the glasses, the application and the experience will continue to be used without limits.

We can improve the Forecast / Pipeline in an incremental way compared to the traditional use of CRM and consultative selling methods in a classic sales funnel.

How is virtual reality incorporated and with which devices?

An virtual fair It can be done on any computer that has broadband internet access and can easily watch high definition movies.

Smartphone are also used, Tablet y virtual reality glasses to present the contents.

In this way we can have an almost infinite amount of experiences, content and videos in an immersed experience without the assistant moving from his home or office.

Content production requires 360 videos, an application development component and a build guide or script.

virtual fairs

What can be done in an event or virtual business round?

It is possible to find everything from live conferences to networking tools.

The most used is the transmission of live sessions with one or more presenters.

Questions can be received in real time and the presenter or his assistant can select the most interesting ones and answer them in real time.

Another option is to prepare specific trainings with the possibility of certifying what has been learned through a series of questions that allow each person to qualify.

As all these sessions can be recorded, it is possible to present them to the public later, adding material that is interesting for certain attendees.

For the networking process between guests and exhibitors, it is possible to design round tables, presenter panels and interaction tools for guests.

Regarding the presentation of the products, it is possible to design virtual stands that can be visited as a spectator;

or present the material so that the assistant can experience its use as if it were in their hands.

Virtual Reality Conferences

virtual fairs

It is common to bring together certain professionals to present news, share findings, launch the latest technology products.

The same result can be achieved through virtual reality with a much lower investment.

It is reusable and can be delivered to the assistant or the sales force for use in personalized visits.

In this way, attendees from anywhere in the world can access knowledge simultaneously saving time, money and keeping complete information on visitors.

Virtual Fairs: Why is virtual better than physical?

It improves the attendance indicator since a large number of interested parties are left out of the event due to their busy schedules or because the capacity of the site is over.

The event can be presented to anyone who speaks the language, but can even be translated into another language.

Thanks to these tools, we can reach distant geographies, deliver the already recorded knowledge or transmit live via the streaming on Facebook, Instagram, Zoom, etc.

In this way we can reach a greater number of people, at any distance and without professional distinctions.

Another advantage is that the presenters also have a tight schedule and it is not easy to reserve their time even if we do it well in advance.

With virtual broadcasting, they may take a couple of hours off your schedule compared to two or three days required for your physical presence.

The brand improves its image, feels accessible and leaves the feeling of caring for many more customers than in the traditional way.

Will you have more virtual memory than live?

This is a unique experience.

Being able to interact in a new way with the material, products and situations we present makes these events unforgettable.

Being able to have the assistant experiment with the product, knowledge or training material through their VR glasses or computer improves:

concentration, adherence of transmitted knowledge and brand awareness.

Without a doubt, a virtual event will bring better results, better business and much more useful information for guests.


These two sectors have markets without age ranges.

In this way we can access our potential clients directly, expanding the scope that is sometimes limited when we do a face-to-face event.

Generally, technology events serve as a conduit for presenting innovative material and doing so is virtually part of the very demonstration of our technology.

Serious game

Learning by doing is much more effective than learning by listening.

Playing with knowledge is even more effective since fun is a key component that reinforces interest and improves recall of what is taught.

It is not the same to tell the story of marine beings as to make the student feel at the bottom of the sea looking directly at them without going there.

Not only is it fun, but the experience is totally immersive and unforgettable.

In summary, Virtual or Augmented Reality applied to events is not only novel but has almost infinite use.

For those who acquire it, it is an investment since they receive commercial benefits from it and can later use it in their sales activities.

For those who experience it, it is an approach to their suppliers, knowledge and products.

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