HTC Vive: Virtual reality viewer

htc vive virtual glasses

HTC Vive, Virtual Reality viewer

Virtual Reality Glasses HTC VIVE designed to physically use the space in a room to immerse yourself in a virtual world. HTC Vive It guarantees natural navigation when the user is on the move and uses sensors to reflect the movement of our hands, manipulate objects, interact accurately, communicate and experience immersive environments.

HTC Vive It has received more than 22 awards at CES, among which the “Best of CES” stands out.

The second generation is presented with a new design whose objective is improved comfort when using the device. For this reason, a new helmet has been designed, more compact and equipped with a new strap, which provides greater stability and balance. According to HTC, this solution should guarantee a more immersive experience. By virtue of this improvement, the new visual system It is equipped with brighter screens, as well as padded accessories and interchangeable nose supports. All these elements have the clear purpose of providing the greatest comfort when using these visors.

key features

  • Virtual reality viewer for navigating 3D environments
  • Tracking Accuracy: 32 sensors implemented in the viewfinder for 360 ° movements
  • Resolution 2160 x 1200
  • Multifunction trackpad