Two Reality offers you the best accessories for virtual reality glasses

At Two Reality we offer customized solutions and we select the best accessories to get the most out of virtual glasses and configure a Total interaction between Virtual Reality and user movement.

On this page you will find recommendations for the configuration of accessories, although if you had thought of something more specific, do not hesitate to contact us and ask us for advice or a custom project. We are passionate about new technologies and we carry out research and development with countless new features, such as beacons, totems or motion sensors.


oculus leap accessories virtual glasses
oculus rift leap motion accessories virtual glasses


LEAP is a tiny gesture control device which, placed on our Virtual Reality glasses, is capable of capturing with great precision the movements of our hands, fingers and even objects. It resembles a "Vitamin Kinect" with which we can not only play our favorite shooter in the first person, aiming with the arm and shooting with the hand imitating a pistol, but it also allows us to write in the air to detect every nuance of our calligraphy. Naturally, we can use it for more linear functions, such as navigating a web page, replacing the physical trackpad or mouse, using it as a “Minority Report” style controller, or rotating photos.

virtuix accessories virtual glasses
oculus remotes accessories virtual glasses


It is a spectacular system to move in space with our own physical effortor, either walking or running. It allows absolute freedom when moving in all directions on a surface, and the system recognizes our movements and interprets them in-game or on a 3D stage. The user is completely submerged in the virtual system, which also absorbs all the weight of the player with a kind of harness that is tied to the waist and at the same time is supported by a base.

accessories virtual glasses controls


Improve your way of interacting.

Enjoy the action like never before with our wireless controls. The vibration systems allow you to feel the impacts and blows received with great realism, and they are combined with the virtual images that your viewer projects. The new design of the control, comfortable and versatile, offers greater precision to the user and adapts perfectly to the hands.

computers accessories virtual glasses


Computers are the fundamental engine of some Virtual Reality devices, such as Oculus Rift. The important thing is to have a powerful graphics card. At Two Reality we respect all the specific needs recommended to guarantee the best final result. For this reason, you will need a state-of-the-art PC, with a DVID-D connector or with an HDMI output jack and an Nvidia 980 graphics card or similar. In this way, we guarantee the ability to support 3D videos at 1080p resolution at 75fps or higher.