Daqri Smart Helmet

DAQRI gafas realidad aumentada industria 1
DAQRI gafas realidad aumentada industria virtual

Daqri, augmented reality in industry

Augmented reality at the service of engineers, technicians and workers. The DAQRI helmet connects workers to the surrounding work environment providing useful information in real time to speed up and simplify work. All thanks to a series of sensors capable of recording and interacting in 360 degrees with what is happening outside and a “thermal” vision that simplifies the realization of some specific tasks: from the reconstruction of all the characteristics of a certain accessory to the control of a certain element, such as a valve. The worker is thus able to evaluate, as if equipped with an X-ray view, tubes and machinery verifying correct operation. The Daqri Smart Helmet creates a complete map of the entire environment: from the structures that are being completed to those that have just been sketched. Data recorded with the supplied camcorder and microphone can be transferred to digital and shared immediately. It is a helmet that can operate without WiFi, Bluetooth or GPS connection; taking full advantage of the power of augmented reality (and 4D technology) and represents a perfect solution for every type of construction site; even the least accessible and, logistically, the most complex. The helmet allows receiving and making video calls with the operating unit for real-time instructions and activity assignment. We can also take photos and videos of a certain machine or particular job and then send them for confirmations or modification requests to our customers. Simplifies employee training with training courses and tutorials that can be accessed digitally directly in the field. In the last year, it has been tested by more than 100 different companies from various sectors: from aerospace to the construction industry to those dealing with extractions (oil, but not only).

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