Epson Moverio: special viewer for augmented reality

Tecnologia da indossare Epson Moverio BT 200 alternativa Google Glass

Augmented Reality Glasses Epson Moverio

The Moverio viewer is equipped with numerous technological functionalities to take full advantage of Augmented Reality (AR) apps, or to view HD or 3D content, both at home and on the road. BT-200, the only binocular viewer with clear lenses on the market at a reasonable price, unveils all the possibilities offered by AR technology for leisure or work.

The camera, gyroscope, GPS and other integrated sensors allow the software to sense our movements and the environment around us to ensure unprecedented new experiences. The pocket-sized control unit is equipped with a trackpad touchpad and is very easy to operate.

Moverio is based on Android and allows access to countless apps through the Moverio Apps Market, created thanks to the support of a large community of developers. To create innovative apps and to adapt existing apps to this unique device, developers can use the standard Android SDK.

Main features

  • Augmented reality viewer
  • Trackpad
  • Integrated GPS

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