Virtual reality and music

We have always said that music has the ability to separate us from reality and to transport us to unknown places, longed-for, past times and eras that marked us in one way or another.

Every song represents something to the listener and sometimes we tend to create mental scenarios to the beat of the melody.

Chances are that you have also done it on certain occasions: you have played your favorite song and imagined a situation or scene according to the lyrics and the message conveyed by the music.

You let yourself go and little by little you find yourself in a universe that is no longer the real one, but one of your own emotions.

Although the lyrics and the accompanying video provide specific information, we can’t help but interpret it in our own way and change a few things.

After all, not everyone appreciates things in the same way, for everyone it is different.

But can you imagine being the protagonist of the video clip of your favorite song?

In a scenario created by you or a figment of your imagination?

Standing next to your favorite artist while he/she performs a live concert?

Nowadays, thanks to virtual reality, this is not only possible but easy.

It is all due to a series of applications that, with the help of glasses and virtual reality music cases, allow the user to be part of the songs of their choice,

and enter them through the environment of your choice.




In this way the person takes full control over the environment in which he/she wishes to enjoy the music, whether it is in an unknown dimension or a relaxing beach in the Bahamas.

Everything will depend on your imagination, tastes and preferences.

Just as music is closely linked to feelings, it is important that it ceases to be something purely flat.

The main idea behind the inclusion of virtual reality music in the music industry is that both users and artists are fully connected,

through new experiences.

With this new type of platforms and applications, the user is allowed to enter the world of music and feel it in a much more vivid and real way.

Music is not only something we listen to, but we also feel it.

Various modalities

One way to enjoy this immersive experience to the fullest is through the live streaming mode, be it of a musical concert,

events (such as Coachella, Lollapalooza, etc.) or a TV show that happens on the spot.

Another way is with video clips that have been made using the chroma key technique,

where everything that has been requested by the artist in question is recreated and the user only observes the environment as a spectator.


Although in some cases performers may view this new way of selling their music with suspicion,

Most agree that it is an innovative idea and that in the end it is better to resign ourselves and try to make the best of the situation.

Although mixed or virtual reality has a tangible and greater popularity in the world of leisure and entertainment,

it is impossible to deny that it is also present in the music industry.

Music will always be that element that sets off the alarms of creativity in the world of virtual reality music,

but in this case the most imperative will be to create high quality, crowd-pleasing content.

While it is true that there are already several applications and platforms that offer users to enjoy music at a new level,

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